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As a 30-year Veteran in the Outplacement Industry,
Kim specializes in working with management, executives and professionals with leadership skills including consultants, business owners, and baby boomers. Occupation specialties include the latest in Environmental, Engineering, Technology, Communication, Health Care, Energy Healer, O&G, Sourcing, Human Resources, Creative Services, Sales and Marketing,  Finance, Manufacturing, and more.

Are you in career transition experiencing any of the following situations?
I can help you. Below are situations I help reposition clients everyday in order to move forward in their careers and reach their full potential with vision, passion and purpose

  1. Are you ready to reach the next level in your career with leadership skills, and, you’re not sure how to make the transition?  Ask yourself, “Do your peer team members come to you or your boss with the big questions?”

  2. Are you NOT getting interviews? Or, are the interviews and OFFERS you’re getting, not for the QUALITY of job or salary you know you’re WORTH?

  3. Do you find yourself loving your new job for the first 6-months. Then, suddenly you realize what you were hired for you are only maintaining and now you are bored with your job? (For some of you, this may have been going on for years.)

  4. Do you need better focus in order to make a lateral career change after a recent company reorganization? 

  5. Are you a baby boomer ready to make a transition from Corporate to a position in alignment with YOUR LIFE PURPOSE? A job that would bring you fulfillment in an industry that fills your heart with joy and passion?

  6. Are you a business owner who now wants to be employed with another company?

  7. Maybe you are a recently retired business owner and miss working with your customers. Now they are asking you for a resume and want you to consider being their business consultant?

  8. Are you a business owner and now would like to specialize in your craft and work for a consulting firm's business clients?

If the answer is YES to any of the situations listed above, you may want to consider hiring a professional for career planning and/or write you a professional resume with a fresh, new look. I can help reposition you into that job you love.

Are you ready for a professionally written, results-oriented resume, with a personal brand focused on your dream job? Your new resume will help you successfully land the interviews for the quality jobs you really want and deserve! See below to Get Started today!


The customized resume writing process directs you to become completely focused and prepared for the upcoming interviews with a results-oriented, branded resume, (branded communication, branded voice) in alignment with the entire resume content written. This will be in 100% alignment with your upcoming interview questions asked. And, all your accomplishments will be focused on the results of the (interviewer’s) current and future company needs.

Overview details involve partnering with you by interviewing, coaching and minimal prep work for a seamless, consistent resume finalized within a typical 3-day turnaround time. I do all the work and lead you step-by-step, as I collect information, wordsmith, rewrite and edit through the process. The resume comes with future resume updates starting at $50, 3 edits within 1-week and a cover letter, reference sample, branded letterhead and invoice.


What I need to get started is (1) Ideal Job Description and current resume (if you have one) to begin rewriting a new professional resume. Please email me the Ideal Job Description and current resume at least 48 hours prior to our resume meeting for final. Also, please send the old resume attached to the email and the job description copied and pasted into the body of the email.

We will schedule the meeting for final 3-days out or longer depending on your needs. We will be working on the resume over the 2-3 days until the meeting scheduled for final.

In order to give me the freedom to discuss in detail what I’ve written the day I get started, I require a 50% payment called in, for me to get started, at the time I receive the requested documents. I typically begin working on your resume the day I receive the documents sent to me. I will bill you the balance after we have the meeting for final.

I will also contact you the same day to confirm the new resume information best represents you. If we need to revise primary skill titles, for example, for your accomplishments, we will do so on this phone call. I usually will read your new brand, summary, keywords information to you on this call. I will also prepare you to send me new specific accomplishments we discussed that are more focused on your new goals for this resume. Over the next couple days before our meeting for final, I will wordsmith, rewrite and edit the new accomplishments you emailed me. At this point, we will be emailing back and forth to fine-tune your resume. Typically this is with specific details for results in the accomplishments section. Everything else on the resume will be completed at this time.

You will receive a really good 1st draft of your new resume and cover letter within 45 minutes after the meeting for final. We will have completed and reviewed the resume already prior to the meeting for final as well. It’s common to have only minor edits, if any. Again, the resume service includes 3 edits within 1-week for me to make any revisions for you. And, future resume updates starting at $50.

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