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As a 30-year Veteran in the Outplacement Industry, Kim specializes in working with management,  executives, and professionals with leadership skills including consultants, business owners, and baby boomers. Occupation specialties include the latest in Environmental, Earth and Space Energy Engineering, Cosmology, Ufology, Health Care, O&G, Sourcing, Human Resources, Creative Services, Sales and Marketing,  Finance, Manufacturing, and more.

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Are you in career transition experiencing any of the following situations? I can help you. Below are situations I help reposition clients everyday in order to move forward in their careers and reach their full potential with vision, passion and purpose 

1. Are you ready to reach the next level in your career with leadership skills, and, you’re not sure how to make the transition?  Ask yourself, “Do your peer team members come to you or your boss with the big questions?”

2. Are you NOT getting interviews? Or, are the interviews and OFFERS you’re getting, not for the QUALITY of job or salary you know you’re WORTH?

3. Do you find yourself loving your new job for the first 6-months. Then, suddenly you realize what you were hired for you are only maintaining and now you are bored with your job? (For some of you, this may have been going on for years.)

4. Do you need better focus in order to make a lateral career change after a recent company reorganization? 

5. Are you a baby boomer ready to make a transition from Corporate to a position in alignment with YOUR LIFE PURPOSE? A job that would bring you fulfillment in an industry that fills your heart with joy and passion?

5.  Are you a business owner who now wants to be employed with another company?

6. Maybe you are a recently retired business owner and miss working with your customers. Now they are asking you for a resume and want you to consider being their business consultant?

7. Or, you are a business owner and now you would like to specialize in your craft by working for a consulting firm with their business clients?

If the answer is YES to any of the situations listed above, you may want to consider hiring a professional for career planning and/or write you a professional resume with a fresh, new look.  A professionally written, results-oriented resume, with a personal branding focused on the job(s) you’re interested in today. Your new resume will help you successfully land the interviews for the quality jobs you really want and deserve!

Changing lives for the better one resume at a time!

What I will do for you …

  • Prepare a professional results-oriented resume focused on your future goals; completed within a 24 hour turnaround from the date of our resume writing interview meeting.
  • Reduce your job search time up to 75% as you land interviews for higher quality jobs.
  • Help you be better prepared and focused for the job interviews
  • Your new professional resume can be used to update your branding and Profile information on LinkedIn.

I’ll write you a portrait of you professionally with your experiences and accomplishments in alignment with your future goals!

I will help you to …

  • Reach the next level in your career.
  • Move forward in your career after a recent downsizing or reorganization.
  • Make a lateral career change to a different industry or start a new business.
  • Reposition yourself from being a business owner to a new job in the corporate world.
  • Transition to a civilian job after serving in the Military.
  • GET the interviews and OFFERS for the QUALITY job and salary you know you’re WORTH!


Resume Writing Service

1- or 2-page resume: Schedule a resume writing coaching consultation.  I’ll interview you, write and design a professional resume and email you a really good final draft of your resume with a 3-day turnaround for proofreading within the hour of our meeting for final.  You will receive a full week to make changes, if needed. With your new professional resume you’ll land the interviews for the quality jobs you really want and deserve in today’s job market.

With your new professional resume you’ll land the interviews for the quality jobs you want and deserve in today’s job market

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Are you an Executive or professional ready to move up in your career?  Need help?  It may be time to hire a professional to help you.  Check out our Career Coaching Services.   Just think about when you hear others address concerns about their job, you can be the one to say  “Hey, I’ve got a coach! Call my coach!”


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