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Networking Outside the Box! Step Out of Your Online Comfort Zone

NetworkingAre you an entrepreneur wanting to start a business, or maybe you’re a business owner with the desire to transition into the corporate world.  Or, maybe you're a job seeker or you know a job seeker going through career transition. If you answered yes to any of these situations, this blog is for you. This week’s networking story began last Monday morning when I went to my first NoCoNet meeting for job seekers.

NoCoNet is the largest networking group for the job seeker in Northern Colorado. Yes, NoCoNet stands for Northern Colorado Networking. They are very connected to the community in Fort Collins, Colorado. So, why did it take me so long to attend one of their meetings. Because I have been working virtually for many years and most of my networking today is through the internet including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. This is my comfort zone. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Does this sound like you? If you're a business owner or a job seeker and you're only networking online, read on …

I'd like to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone, get out there and start networking face-to-face. 

Now, I selected this particular day because one of my business networking colleagues, Katy Piotrowski, Founder of Career Solutions Group was delivering a job searching presentation. She told me at our last luncheon, she presents for NoCoNet twice a year.  The last time I presented face-to-face, flip charts were popular. Can anyone out there relate? Yes, before I started working virtually, I was a member and attended many weekly and monthly networking groups and was guest speaker to many groups. And, over the past several years, I have facilitated literally hundreds of career transition webinars using PowerPoint presentations. But I have yet to present a PowerPoint presentation face-to-face. One of the many reasons I attended this meeting was to see how Katy presented.

So, I was at the NoCoNet meeting saying hello to Katy and the Announcer/Member of the Executive Team, Tom Gaul introduced himself to me. He kindly asked Katy to introduce me to the group before she got started. And she did. Katy said “My friend Kim Marino is here today, she is the Career Coach and Resume Writer at Kim taught me how to write resumes.” Many attendees gave me a smile as they looked at me. Wow, what an introduction. Katy and I met over 15 years ago, before she started her business. She’s also been the Career Columnist of our local newspaper for about 18 years now.

As she presented, I participated in the discussion a couple times about the interview. Tom came running over to me with the microphone. When Katy’s awesome presentation was over, Richard Sinley, one of the Program Committee members was standing in front of me. He said my contribution to the group that morning was excellent information and he asked if I would like to present on Interviewing, the topic I contributed to the group that morning.

When I stepped out of my comfort zone to attend a networking event, face-to-face, I was invited to be a presenter … 

Then, Katy introduced me to a radio host. Alan Sherwood. His show is called “Successfully Unemployed.”  He invited me to be a guest on his show at the end of the month.

This all happened one day because I stepped outside my comfort zone and started networking face-to-face.

Last Thursday I attended The Academies monthly Thought Leader Forum with presenter Tim Tyrell-Smith. Tim is a dynamic speaker, packed with great tips on marketing your business. Tim asked the group if anyone had a story on speaking. A couple participants gave their stories. I thought of this week’s experience. I didn’t jump in on time to participate on this topic. Afterwards, I talked to Tim about possibly writing a blog on what I almost said to his group and here I am writing a blog on last week's networking experience.


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and are inspired to take a step outside your comfort zone by adding face-to-face networking to your marketing strategies. If you have success story or a comment to share, please write your comment or email your story to I'll be happy to write your story and use it to encourage others. 


If you are a job seeker, I would like to encourage you to check out, and become a member of this very special non profit organization, whose purpose is to help people through career transition. This is where you can volunteer.  And, you too, can make a difference.  

Do you need immediate help with job interviewing, social networking or salary negotiating? Or, maybe you're thinking about hiring a professional resume writer to help you write your resume. I can help. To email me a comment, ask a question or schedule a free initial phone consultation, please give me a call at 970.672.8476 or contact me at


You will find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. For more weekly career tips on Career Coach Kim Blog, stay tuned …

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