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Derek Rydall from EMERGINEERING Presents

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Whatever's Missing Is What You're Not Giving

Nothing enters into this world except through the process of giving. If we don't give, there can't be more. If you want more to come into your life, you must let more life come out of you!

You are a divine power plant, and a power plant doesn't receive energy, it generates it. Even the word human comes from a Sanskrit term for 'man' that means 'The Dispenser of Divine Gifts.

That's who you are, that's why you came here — you really are God's gift to this world!

But there are many forms of giving. And you must engage all of them to fully activate the
Generator in that divine power plant and create unlimited abundance in your experience.

The 7 Gifts of the Divine Dispenser

Giving Forth: Share your time, talent, and treasure

Giving Away: Circulate what you no longer need/use

Giving Up: Release habits, criticism, complaints, judgment

Giving In: Let go of resistance, surrender to what's emerging

Forgiving: Free yourself and others from emotional debt

Giving to Yourself: Give you what you seek from others

Giving Thanks: What you appreciate, appreciates

I invite you to activate this divine power plant like never before — to tune in, turn it on, and let it shine! To do this, look at each life structure (Health, Wealth, Work, Relationships, Spirituality, Service, Personal Development) and notice where you're still trying to get something.

It could be love, approval, respect, validation. Or if it's something material, ask what it
symbolizes for you, what it stands for. For
example, money might equal 'safety, security,
power, worth.' Translate the physical into the spiritual quality.

Then actively give these to yourself each day, by asking: ìWhat would it look like to totally
respect/love/approve myself? etc. — and follow the guidance!

If you're really ready to activate your unlimited wealth and fulfill your destiny,

I invite you to join the —

The 40-Day Giving Challenge

To be part of this, every day for the next 40 days, ask where you can give more in one of these life structures and/or in regards to one of the 7 Gifts above. You might pick one area to grow each day, or each week.

Then share your experiences and breakthroughs on our FB pages. This is just the beginning of a life of awakened wealth and abundance.

Welcome home…




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