3 Networking Success Stories of Job Seekers Landing the Job

I've been thinking about what to write to you for this week's blog - resume writing, interviewing, social networking, how to write a business letter, or salary negotiating. Then, I remembered three of my favorite networking success stories I'd like to share with you today.

What is networking? Networking is developing relationships with people. The first step in the networking process is to recognize, its' three-tiered process. It's not just who you know, its who the people you know, knows. I call them angels along the way. Why? Because you may be standing next to someone waiting in line at the grocery store today who could lead you to your next job. Finding that next job in modern times is always difficult but there are endless opportunities nowadays too. Who knows, one of the Franchises for sale online may take your fancy. But if you haven't found your calling online, then every day should be a networking opportunity for you. You know, the check out line you're impatiently waiting, that's taking too long, when you're in a hurry. Sound familiar? Read on ... I would like to suggest to begin thinking "network minded." When you begin thinking "network minded" you'll turn "impatience into an opportunity" and seize the moment in the grocery store example above.


It's true, when one door closes there are new doors opening up for you. And, metaphorically speaking, I would like to help you recognize these opened doors, one-door-at-a-time. Start thinking "network minded" by keeping your eyes, ears and mind open. Like a lot of newly graduated law students for example they find it hard to break into the employment stage of their education to become a lawyer, this is made easier by law firm recruiters like Lawyer Exchange. This is your preparation time for your job search. Be prepared when you are out and about in your daily life to let the people around you know you're networking, not just looking for a job, but looking for contact names. This will open the doors wide. Remember, there are a lot more people with contacts in the workplace than those who may know of an open job. Networking is also about people helping people. Its about being in the right place, at the right time. Its how most of my clients land great jobs, i.e. networking their way through the informational meeting process.


Where should you start? You can begin networking with your banker, doctors office personnel, and veterinary office. Do you know anyone who has a housekeeper? You don't know whose houses she/he is cleaning, now do you? She/he could be cleaning a business or house of someone you'd like to work for or knows someone else who does. Maybe it's your neighbor or grocery store clerk. I have enough success stories to write an entire book on how job seekers networked to get their job in the most unusual circumstances. You can develop a network of contacts through LinkedIn and by researching companies online at company websites like Hoovers. You don't need to know someone in this process. You set up your own informational meetings at companies you're interested in working for now or in the future.


Once you get the contact information, you can email or mail your resume directly to the hiring manager who may need you, a need, however where no job exists. Not yet, anyway. I'm talking about a need where Human Resources doesn't actually have the requisition yet. Do you think its possible, that, just maybe, your next boss could be the only person at the company who knows he/she has a need in this department? Or, has a sudden need for someone like you or knows someone else who does? If so, once he/she sees your resume, they will want to talk to you to see if you're a good fit, before letting you know of a possible opportunity. So, have fun with the process!


Below are three of my favorite success stories from job seekers landing informational meetings and jobs through networking.


Success Story #1

Melinda was in the right place, at the right time. Her moms housekeeper knew the hiring manager and she landed the job!

Melinda told me a great story that turned into a networking opportunity. She was visiting her parents during the week. Her parents housekeeper, Sandi was there cleaning when she over heard Melinda talking to her mom about wanting to work at a financial company. The hiring manager was one of Sandi's clients, she cleaned their home. Sandi came over to Melinda and offered to take her resume to her client later that week. Before the week was over, Melinda got a phone call for an informational meeting. At the end of her meeting, the hiring manager said he has a need for another financial analyst and told her he would like to set up an interview for her with Human Resources if she would be interested in the job. She said yes. She was thrilled. After two interviews Melinda accepted the job!


Success Story #2

Luke was in the right place, at the right time when the office assistant at the animal clinic reached out to him. He landed an informational meeting with Director of Training at the local hospital which led to accepting a job

Luke was waiting to see the veterinarian with his dad and his big dog, Red. He was a breeder of Irish Setters. So the employees at this veterinary office knew Luke and his family well. Luke and I just had a meeting on how to network. He was talking to his dad about wanting to work at one of the hospital systems in Orlando as a training manager. The office assistant over heard this conversation. She said to Luke I heard you'd like to work in training at the hospital down the street. My husband is on the Board of Directors there. If you drop off your resume, Ill give it to him and see what I can do to help you. Luke was so excited. In just a few days, he had an informational meeting with the Director of Training at the hospital which lead to accepting a great job.


Success Story #3

Joe finally added networking to his job search and landed 7 offers in 6 weeks

When I first spoke to Joe we discussed the importance of networking and setting up informational meetings. He already had several interviews lined up after a recent company reorganization. Suddenly Joe found himself without any more interviews and without a job. We discussed his job search strategy. Even though we had already discussed the value of networking, he was still limiting himself to applying for only advertised jobs. When Joe asked me what he can do to get more interviews, I reminded him of what he wasn't yet doing as part of his job search. I recommended he make networking and setting up his own informational meetings be the primary source of his job search. And, continue the advertised job search, as well.


Now, Joe was ready to listen. We came up with a strategy for Joe to contact companies each week. He contacted the competitor companies from where he was working as the Regional Sales Manager. Joe received his first offer within three weeks from a company who flew him out of town for the informational meeting. The company, salary, benefits and people were all great. However, he was a father with two young children and there was 75% travel for the first two years in this job. Joe decided to go to more informational meetings and told them he needed more time to make a decision. Because he received the offer through an informational meeting, they weren't actually interviewing for this position yet and were willing to give him the time he needed. I asked Joe where he really wanted to work and to contact them right away to reposition himself with offers to negotiate. He did. Within a total of six weeks, Joe had seven job offers for great jobs at really good companies. One of the companies even asked him to create his own job description. Joe accepted a District Sales Management position and created his own job description with his dream job. With all the offers Joe received, he was able to negotiate the salary he wanted for a fabulous job at the best fit company for him.


I hope these stories encourage you to use networking as your primary job search technique while you continue to search for advertised jobs. Last weeks blog was about job search success through volunteering. Another great way to connect with a potential employer. What are you waiting for? Your next job is out there waiting for you. Go after it!!


If you are a job seeker, I would like to encourage you to check out HiringforHope.org, and become a member of this very special non profit organization, whose purpose is to help people through career transition. This is where you can volunteer. And, you too, can make a difference. I hope you enjoyed todays blog and found this information helpful to you. If you have useful tips or stories to share, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Do you need immediate help with job interviewing, social networking or salary negotiating? Or, maybe you're thinking about hiring a professional resume writer to help you write your resume. I can help. To email me a comment, ask a question or schedule a free initial phone consultation, please give me a call or contact me at www.JustResumesUSA.com.


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