Many of you know I am a business owner, career coach and resume writer at I write blogs for the job seeker going through career transition. I saw a segment on "60 Minutes" last Saturday night about a program in Connecticut called "Platform to Employment." It was so inspiring to hear about a successful 50+ employment program. 

This program created jobs for the 50+ job seeker who was unemployed due to the economy.  

The next morning, I attended my weekly Toastmasters group, Noonshiners. One of the members, Michael was speaking about employment programs for the low income population. We spoke after the Toastmasters meeting ended. He invited me to come to a meeting at City Hall as a Citizen of the City of Fort Collins to be a voice and present such a program to the Economic Board on behalf of our 50+ job seekers." I have never attended a meeting at City Hall before. However, I met Michael there and spoke to the Economic Board this week. Michael's speech inspired me to speak at City Hall and write this blog about this important issue.

People are talking about this program. This morning I was reading a new post on a LinkedIn Group for "Resume Writers and Career Coaches." This post asked "Has anyone in the group seen "60 Minutes on Platform to Employment?" The writer's take on the program was about the resume. Which makes sense, afterall, I was in the LinkedIn "Resume Writers and Career Coaches" Group.

Think about it. These people are professionals just like you and I. They have families to support, homes with mortgages to pay and now, low self-esteem. Some lost their homes. This is a very unexpected and difficult time that affects not only the job seeker but their spouse, children and loved ones and the economy where they lived.

Today, I would like to write to you about how this program works to inspire you to bring this type of program to the City of Fort Collins. And, perhaps, inspire you to bring this type of program to your City.

This is how the "Platform to Employment" program works … 

The "Platform to Employment" program provides job assistance to people age 50+, who are highly accomplished professionals and unemployed due to the economy. 

The program started with 100 highly skilled professionals who were 50+ and unemployed for 1 to 2 years due to the economy. The professional is placed in a qualified job where the Employer receives funding to pay for the first 3-months in a trial period. The Employer then has a choice to offer the individual a job. The individual has a choice to accept the offer.

Out of 100 people in the program, 70 professionals were hired permanently and happily accepted great jobs. They were able to get back into the workforce, humbled with self-esteem in tact, family focused and living life again! And the economic growth increased with 70 Citizens in their city.

If you are 50+, live in the City of Fort Collins, you're a highly skilled professional and have been unemployed due to the economy for 1 to 2 years, I would love to hear from you. If you would like a similar program offered in Fort Collins, Colorado, please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or meet me at City Hall on the Northwest corner of LaPorte and Howes Street on Wednesday morning. The meeting starts on time at 11am. Let the Economic Board know you are here and this type of program can help you..

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