What is passion? By Webster's definition passion is excitement, enthusiasm and delight. Is your job exciting and challenging to you? Do you wake up in the morning enthusiastic to go to work? Do you have job that inspires you? A job that delights you or a career you love? If your answer is yes, please send me your stories of inspiration. Was it your resume, interviewing, social networking or negotiating skills that landed you a dream job or career? What do you love about your job? What inspired you?

If your answer is "no" are you stuck or are you concerned you will lose your job soon, or, maybe you recently lost your job, consider this … Did your job inspire you? No? Not really? I wrote this for you too. Read on,,,

Where do you find your passion(s)? Your inspirations? Your dream job? Could it be right here, right now? Could it be right in the midst of the sudden changes happening to you today? Is your future all about attitude? Is your future all about perspective?

The positive side of change (finding your dream job) is in your future. Yes, your future. I am speaking to you. Think about this, if you will. Is this you? "I just lost my job" or "I just lost … " you fill in the blank. Ask yourself, can the positive side of change be in my future? Can this change lead me to my dream job? Remember, it's all about attitude and perspective.Your perspective!

Is there a catch to finding your passion? Yes, there is! To find your inspiration in the midst of change use the following 3 steps wisely ...

1. Be forward thinking.

2. Let go of the past.

3. Start today to make it happen tomorrow.

1. Be forward thinking. Begin thinking of possibilities. I love the word impossible. Why? It inspires the rebel in me to think of … what is possible? Everything is possible. The possibilities are endless of what you can do now.

2. Let go of the past. Think about what you love to do. What was it about your job that you loved so much? Remember, you are not your job. The skills you possess is what you will bring with you and is all you need, not the job. You still have these skills. What are the skills you possess that brought you joy? What are the skills where you excel? What have you wanted to do, but never took the time to go after IT? What is your IT?

3. Start today to make it happen tomorrow. Creative, successful people know ALL their successes began with a thought. A thought that inspired them to act on IT. Think about it, ponder it, make it happen! Remember, the decisions you make today effect the consequences in your life tomorrow.

Hmm, so, you have fears, obstacles in your way. We discussed how to eliminate fears in last week's blog. Write them down. Write every fear you have and begin using your fears to inspire you to find your IT. How? Rewrite each fear into a positive affirmation. Remember this one from last week? "I want to be a talk show host, but my fear is public speaking." If this is you, rewrite your fear of public speaking to "I love my radio talk show host job and I am really good at it." Say this to yourself every day for 30 to 45 days and watch the transformation of your thinking. For more details, read last week's blog, "Create Career Success with 3 Steps to Positive Thinking." It's so great to be aware of the moment when your affirmation is coming true as you watch the doors of opportunity and the people show up right before your eyes, rhetorically speaking, while you are out and about one day. I remember the first time it happened to me. It felt miraculous. And it was.

Passion is our greatest gift. Our passions come from the heart, in the purest form. They are filled with our dreams to succeed. Our passions are filled with our inspiration to help others fulfill their dreams to succeed. Our passions give us our purpose. What is your IT? What inspires you? Find your IT. Find what inspires you! Do it today. Do it with passion.

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