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When I was on LinkedIn earlier this week, I answered a question for someone asking about the self-publisher versus hiring a professional publisher. Since I have been on both sides of the literary fence, as a self-publisher and an author for two major publishing houses, I’d like to share with you tips from my experiences to help you begin your journey as a self-publisher and/or to find the right professional publisher for you.


Tips to Get Started as a Self-Publisher


publisherTip #1 Read “The Self-Publishing Manual,” by Dan Poynter. "The Self-Publishing Manual" gave me a strong foundation before I began interviewing other successful self-publishers.


The publishing industry has it’s own rules and regulations for the publisher.


It is very important to learn the rules of the publishing industry before you get started. There are so many rules different from the corporate world. “The Self-Publishing Manual” offers everything you need to know to get started on your journey to becoming a successful self-publisher.


Tip #2. Interview other successful small publishers. As in any new business venture, I recommend to network, network, network. Offer to take other small publishers out to lunch or dinner in exchange for information. You will find people willing to help you. I had a husband and wife publishing team at my home for dinner when I lived in Santa Barbara where we had many small book publishers living in town.


Tip #3. Join The Independent Book Publisher's Association (IBPA.) I found the IBPA an invaluable resource of information which provided services, advice and support for authors. As a small book publisher, new to the industry, you will find this support very beneficial.


Tip #4. Hire a Copyright Book Publishing Attorney. I recommend hiring an attorney specializing in copyright law and book publishing to review your contracts when you start working with book distributors. You'll read more about working with book distributors in "The Self-Publishing Manual."




4 Tips to Hire the Best Professional Publisher for you.


Tip#1. Research the competition.  Why? To find a publisher interested in the subject of your book.  I recommend going to or your local bookstore to see which publisher is publishing the competitor's books. Or, you can hire an agent to find a publisher for you.


Tip #2. Review "The Writer's Handbook 2017." I recommend adding this book to your home library or check out "The Writer's Handbook 2017" at your local public library. An updated version is published every year and offers invaluable information to help authors which includes a listing of agents and publishers.


Tip #3. Research the royalty paid by the publisher. It is best to do your due diligence in order to select the best fit for you that will pay you the best royalty. For example, some publishers pay the author a royalty based on the retail price of the book. Other publishers pay the author a royalty based on a percentage of their net profits. There is a big difference by at least 50%. And, when you get your first contract from the publisher, you can negotiate. I did. And, I significantly increased my royalty when I got started from 7% of their net profits to 15%. One of my publishers paid royalties of 10% on the retail price of the book.


Tip #4. Hire a Copyright Book Publishing Attorney. Again, I recommend hiring an attorney specializing in copyright law and book publishing to review your contracts. I hired the Law Offices of Jonathan Kirsch for my self-published book contracts and the professional publisher contracts. Jonathan is a Copyright Book Publishing Attorney, Author and Book Review Columnist.  He loves helping authors and he's been a copyright attorney for many years. And, by hiring someone like Jonathan, it will save you lots of money in time, because he is familiar with book publishing contracts.




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