Hi everyone. I finally got my blog up and running. What career coaching tips would you love to read in my Blog? Do you need interviewing help? Would you like career advice from an Executive Coach with over 25 years experience? Let's discuss the job interview. Read on …



Do you know what employers are really looking for?

What if you are one of the two final candidates being considered for the perfect job for you. Your dream job. And, you both have the same great experience. How is the employer going to make their decision?

Employers are looking for the #1 candidate who offer the company three things …

Experience, Motivation, and Fit.

Experience: This is your skills and strengths that qualify you for the job. I recommend name dropping your skills in your answer. For example, are your strengths developing, motivating and managing cohesive high performing, cross functional teams, process improvement and maximizing efficiency? If so, name drop each strength with an example of how you used each skill ... in your answer. And, use examples that demonstrate how your skills match the needs of the company.

Motivation: What motivates you? Is it using the skills mentioned above to make a positive impact to the organization? Tell the employer what motivates you to be on their team.

Fit: What makes you a good fit? For example, do you have over 10 years experience in the industry? Or, maybe it's a lifetime passion or interest in their service or products. Tell the employer what makes YOU the perfect fit for the job.

If you are coming from a different industry, remember to speak the language of the industry where you're interviewing. This will help the interviewer see or hear you are a good fit and ready to make the transition.

Be prepared to answer the questions that tell the employer "I have the experience." I have the motivation." And, I am a great fit for the company … Your answer tells the interviewer, "I need you on our team."

I know, I know, you want an offer, you want to hear the words "YOU ARE HIRED. When can you start?" Would you like to know more? Would you like to know which questions you're most likely to be asked which will give you the opportunity to let the employer know you are the one for the job? Stay tuned for Interviewing Tip #2.