Last week we discussed the 3 things employers look for with Interviewing Tip #1, i.e., your experience, motivation and fit.  For a refresher of all the details, I recommend reviewing Interviewing Tip #1.  Are you ready for Interview Tip #2?  Read on ...



Today, I am going give you a great example of how to answer one of the most tough questions asked to specifically let the employer know “I have the experience.  I have the motivation. And, I am a great fit for the company."


Typically, when the employer has 2 people they are interested in hiring, this is a common question to help them decide who is the best candidate for the job.   Answering the question below gives you the opportunity to let the employer know you are the best candidate for the job. 


Q. I've interviewed some well qualified candidates, why should I select you?  


A. "I have a high level of successes, integrity and motivation using my strengths in talent management, building high performance teams and customer service excellence to make a positive impact to (company name.)  I'm aware of your current needs in these areas, I fit into the entrepreneur culture of your company and I really want this job."


This is a great foundation for you to personalize and expand upon with an example of results you've already achieved to let the interviewer know you can and will make a positive impact to the company.  This will tell the employer "They need YOU!"


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Next week, I will tell you a success story on the topic of Social Networking on LinkedIn.  Stay tuned ...