Make No Mistake! Proofread Your Entire Resume

Welcome to this week’s blog. As many of you know, I write success stories and valuable tips on how to write resumes, prepare for the interview, informational interviewing, social networking, salary negotiating, positive thinking, managing change and mastering success, volunteering and public speaking. 

This week I’d like to share with you a funny, but not so funny story about why Sidney, an Executive Level, Customer Relationship Manager was getting zero phone calls for interviews from his resume.  He did not receive one call for the first two months. Sidney had a positive attitude as he met with me for a word of encouragement. I remember when it was time for Sidney’s appointment, week after week he reported, again and again, no phone calls for the interview.  We discussed the importance of proofreading his resume, even the header. Sidney took responsibility for the final proofreading of his resume. His resume appeared to be perfect. He was over 50, but it didn’t show on his resume. He listed key words of his skills matching the jobs of interest, his degrees were listed were under his education and he included the results in all his accomplishments. We just couldn’t figure out why his resume was not getting interviews. Soon he discovered the importance of carefully proofreading the phone number in the header of his resume.  Read on…

One day, Sidney came my office for our meeting.  He sat down.  This time with a curious look on his face, he said 

I am so embarrassed to tell you why I wasn’t receiving phone calls for interviews. It was because of the phone number on my resume."

"I haven’t even told my wife yet. I wanted to tell you first.”  Sidney was sending his resume to apply for advertised jobs and to set up his own informational meetings. After making a follow up call from a company he was really interested in, he got a call back from the Chief Operating Officer of the company.  He told Sidney, "I returned your call from Caller ID, however, the phone number on your resume is one digit off." Sidney gratefully thanked the company executive.  After they spoke, he couldn’t help but wonder "Who was getting all the phone calls for his job interviews.  Was he or she interviewing too?" 

Once we corrected the phone number on Sidney’s resume, he set up weekly informational meetings and within three weeks, he landed a great job as the Director of Customer Relationship Management for a Fortune 500 IT corporation.  There are more stories I will share with you about the informational meeting Sidney had that helped him land this job. 

This week the lesson learned is remember to carefully proofread your entire resume, including the header.


If you are a job seeker, I would like to encourage you to check out, and become a member of this very special non profit organization, whose purpose is to help people through career transition. This is where you can volunteer. And, you too, can make a difference. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and found this information helpful to you. If you have useful tips or stories to share, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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