Here we are folks, entering the Holiday Job Search season in 2020. Can you believe how time flies by so fast. This week I'm writing about one of my favorite holiday myth busters, even through these crazy times of the Pandemic, Holiday Job Search success story and many job search tips . I will continue to write holiday tips and success stories throughout November and December. So, remember to sign up for FREE tips on my website and these blogs will be sent to your email box. Sign up at Below are important questions and answers you need to consider for your Holiday Job Search.

1. True or False? "No one hires in December and why?"

  • Are you thinking, "No Holiday Job Search for me, no way, no how, waste of time. No one hires this time of year." Think again! This is False! Studies show the following response to advertising ...
Holiday Job Search reduces your competition by 75%.
  • This means the employers working through the holidays online, homebased or at the office, will suddenly be available and will be happy to have time to engage with you. Many great companies have a "Use it or lose it budget."
  • And, if the company has a need and you're the right fit, consider this:
During the Holiday Job Search, managers can write you into their budget right away.

2. Will you share with us your best networking TIPS for the holiday season?

  • This is a great question in today's times. Have your networking business cards available at a moment's notice. Remember, you may be seeing many family members and friends you may only see once a year even if on Zoom. With Holiday Job Search networking, it's not who you know, it's who they know that is most likely where you'll land a job or the gain the contact that will lead you to a great job.
  • Bring your networking cards to holiday parties in order to follow up, contact and/or meet for coffee or lunch after the first of the year. Many companies invite their customers and vendors to holiday parties if at all possible.
  • Drop a networking card in your Christmas or Hanukkah card with a note expressing companies of interest to you.
  • Volunteer for a worthy cause or children's group. This is a great time and place to connect with people through the holidays even through online communities.  

3. Please share one of your favorite networking stories you've experienced with your own clients. I have many client success stories of Holiday Job Search and landing jobs through the holiday season. Here's one of my favorite…