My vision started pulling me many years ago (long before I was aware) when I had a fear of public speaking. You see the companies I wanted to work for told me it was required to facilitate workshops first in order to be a coach. It was common in the industry. So for a long time I just didn't bother applying for the jobs when I learned this. Can you relate?

Later, whenever I saw a trainer position available, it would jump out at me. It would give me a nudge. I noticed it, but I wouldn't pay attention to it because it required getting up in front of a group. Eventually, I would land the interviews and sabotage each one over and over and over again. I would start out doing great in the interview. When the interviewer started describing the job to me and I saw myself standing in front of a group of people, the fear would overcome me with an internal panic and I would sabotage the interview. It was very subtle. I didn't even know I doing this. However, I do remember thinking back in 1995 over 15 years ago "I not going to get up in front of that group."

Today, I know there was clearly something trying to emerge from within my soul. My passion, my purpose. What I didn't realize was I was in an internal war between my EGO and my soul's purpose, my true vision, my destiny.

My coach, Derek Rydall says there's an old saying "The pain pushes until the vision pulls what's to emerge from inside you.

What pain challenged and pushed me to overcome this fear was when my son, Max got Ewings Sarcoma Bone Cancer. He was only 7 years old. Max already had Cerebral Palsy, severe. He was a beautiful, happy child who had special needs and was paraplegic. Max was the love of my life. "I remember thinking, my God, what lesson am I supposed to learn this time?"

After one year of helping my son fight cancer, I had a story to tell ... a story to help others overcome fears during life's most difficult challenges. This experience not only eliminated my fear of public speaking, it launched my career as a facilitator, trainer, teacher and coach. How? I went through something so much bigger than my fear of public speaking. I went from being shy to being an advocate.

"Max was a fighter with a strong will to live. He taught me how to be fearless. I knew nothing I could ever go through could be as difficult.

"When did your vision start pulling and tugging at you? Who is the Max in your life?

Think about a time in your life, whether it's now or in the past, when you were stuck and someone or something challenged you to look at your situation differently. WHAT'S YOUR PAIN? What's holding you back from living your dreams, your goals, your life's True Vision, your destiny? There's a reason you are in this world. You have a purpose. If you didn't have a reason for being here with a message, you wouldn't have been born.

Max had many miracles in this world. He beat the odds over and over and over again. Up until now. Max passed away recently. He was 22 years old. I am so proud of Max. He made me who I am today. I am grateful I was chosen to be the one with him the last 4 days of this life.

Max has been a teacher of patience, courage, strength and determination to never give up throughout his life!

He continues through his legacy in the hearts of so many including the 200+ people whom attended his Memorial Service and loved him dearly. He came here to earth's stage with a message to help others and left earth's stage when his mission was fulfilled. I am blessed to be his mom.

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