Here is a great success story from one of my clients.  I wrote this story for housewives and moms re-entering the job market in one of my books titled “Just Resumes, 200 Powerful and Proven Successful Resume to Get that Job” by Kim Marino. It is available through To see the actual resume sample we’ll be discussing, check out the resume section at your local library for the book mentioned above.


This is a true story from a housewife/mom who got credit where credit is due as experienced husband’s helper and volunteer at her children’s elementary school!


Dayna is a typical example of the housewife/mom who asked for help to write her resume.  The first thing she said was “I’d like to do something in the Human Resources Department but I don’t have any experience.”  The last thing she said was “Wow, I can’t believe this is me. I look so focused and accomplished.” Well, she was so busy accomplishing all the tasks of a mom she hadn’t had time to think about what a great match her skills were, i.e., time management, organizing, interviewing and public speaking.  These were great skills which fit so well into a resume. Sound familiar?  Read on …



When I met with Dayna, she had been married to a doctor for 25 years. She had recently gotten divorced.  After speaking to this very talented woman, I quickly realized, not only did she have 25 years experience raising three children, she also had 25 years experience helping her husband recruit, interview and hire all the employees at his medical clinic.


Here is a summary of how we highlighted her strengths by creating three skills focused on her career goals in a functional resume format.


Related Experience

1. Human Resources: We highlighted the Human Resources experience Dayna gained while helping her husband hire new employees for his office on an on-call basis.


2. Project Coordination: Next, we highlighted her organization experience we discovered she accomplished from coordinating projects for three committees at her children’s elementary school.


3. Public Speaking: Then, we highlighted the public speaking experience she gained as a volunteer.


4. Then, we added a Community Service section and listed her leadership titles, organization name, city and state where she had experience helping out at the elementary school her children attended.


5. Next, we added her Employment History. It’s very important not to leave time gaps in order to land an interview.  So, we filled in Dayna’s time gaps with Home Management and Volunteer. This answered any questions the resume reviewer would have for what she was doing and where she was during these years.  We gave Dayna appropriate descriptive job titles relating to her job objective when she was helping her husband with his office needs.


Below is an example demonstrating how we wrote the accomplishments under each category we created in the Related Experience section of her resume:

1. Human Resources Experience: Interviewed, screened and hired qualified, talented professional and administrative personnel for a prominent physician as a Human Resources Assistant.


2. Project Coordination Experience: Developed a detailed job description for an elementary school principal position as the Chairperson for the Principal Selection Committee.


3. Public Speaking Experience: Conducted tours for the local art museum demonstrating poise and dignity while speaking to large and small groups of people as docent-art tour guide.


4. Community Service In Dayna’s mind, she was just a mom, giving the school principal a suggestion for her kids. She accepted the leadership roles given to her immediately after she simply made a suggestion to the principal.  Here's another example: One day her kids complained the library was too dark. As a mom advocating for her children, she told this to the school principal. He said “Okay, you can be the Library Improvement Committee Chairperson.”  And she was.


5. Again, we added a section titled Employment History.  In reverse chronological order, we added Home Management and Volunteer, Anytown, USA, dates. We continued to added descriptive job titles, company name, city, state and years worked.  For example in Dayna’s situation we gave her the appropriate job title of On-Call Human Resources Assistant, Smith and Jones Medical Clinic, Anytown, USA, dates


If you are or have been a mom or housewife and you're ready to re-enter the job market, I hope this story has inspired you to move forward and help you think out-of-the-box as you recognize your many talents and put it together in a resume to get that job you really want. 

When you land that job, please send me your success stories. I’d love to hear about them.


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