Discover Your Dream Job & Talents During Tough Times!

Did you just lose your job? Or maybe you have your dream job and suddenly the company is reorganizing and you’re confused and unsure of what your job is anymore? If this sounds like you or you know someone going through change in the workplace or is going through career transition, this week’s blog is for you.  I would like to share with you two true stories. They are both stories of discovery during a difficult time.


The first story is the discovery of finding what the dream job looks like.


I was talking to my girlfriend Lauren about her husband's job situation. We’ll call him Kevin. Lauren told me Kevin just lost his job, he was depressed and having a difficult time finding another job. She also told me he always gets bored after 6-months on the job. She thought he was being lazy and inconsistent in his thinking because the only thing consistent about Kevin’s professional life was getting bored and being unhappy in his jobs. So I asked to speak to him. Within 10 minutes of talking to Kevin, I discovered exactly why this was happening to him. Kevin got hired to create a product and then his job required him to maintain that product. This was the wrong fit for him.


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