Executive Job Search! 6 Great Phone Tips to Reach the Decision Maker!

In addition to writing Executive results-oriented resumes, I coach Executives on how to interview, network and negotiate to get results. Are you in an Executive job search?   If so, I always recommend contacting at least two recruiters specializing in your field and profession.

So, you've contacted two recruiters specializing in your profession. And, you selected companies with direct contact names to start setting up your own informational interviews.  Did you send out your networking brief or resume with a great informational meeting letter? Is it now week two or three of making follow up calls? 

Are you getting only voicemail and thinking, “Doesn’t the Executive answer their phone?”

Does this sound familiar?  If the answer is “yes,” this week’s blog is just for you.

As an Executive Career Coach, I know how difficult it can be to get past voicemail today. When you’re working so hard on your job search campaign and unable to reach the decision maker, it can be frustrating. All the tips below make perfect sense.  You may just need a reminder and/or maybe there's a few tips listed you hadn’t tried yet.  If it is a simple case of the decision maker not getting back to you, I recommend using one tip each week for the difficult to reach decision makers, when you are only getting voicemail. Here they are ...

Tips for the difficult to reach Executive.  If you only get voicemail, do this . . . 

1. Always call 2 hours different each time you call back.  The decision maker you're trying to reach may be in meetings.

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Executive Job Search Networking! 3 Tips to Land Informational Meetings

As an Executive Coach, I work with Executives through their career transition and beyond. I write professional resumes and coach professionals on how to successfully network, social network, interview, negotiate the salary and/or move up to the next level at the company.  Last week, we discussed how to get past voicemail in order to reach the decision maker when networking and making follow up phone calls. Networking purposely and successfully is the key to reaching your job search goals in today’s job market.  This week, we will continue to focus on “Networking for the Executive job search.”


If you have a mutual networking contact, most of you are aware, the percentage of landing the informational meeting is higher than without a contact. I’d like to share with you 3 tips that will be sure to increase your success to land informational meetings on your follow up phone calls without a networking contact. 

As an Executive Coach, I have listened to many phone calls while clients made their initial calls in my office. Through listening to client phone calls and hearing the decision maker’s needs on the calls …


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Job Seeker's Tool Kit! Negotiating? Be Creative. Think Outside-the-Box

Many of you know, I am an Executive Coach and Professional Resume Writer. I write weekly blog's of success stories and valuable career tips to help professionals with resume writing, interviewing, networking, social networking and negotiating.

This week's blog is one of my favorite negotiating success stories. This is the story of Dane.  Within his 15 years of hard work and dedication, Dane became the #1 Executive Sales Manager at the Corporate Office of a retail chain in the construction Industry. 

After a reorganization and negotiating, he stepped down in salary and position to keep his job. 

Dane had a family to support.  He accepted the position of Sales Representative as he looked for another sales management position.  Now, with lower pay, whenever the executive managers had questions, they came to him.  Afterall, he was the problem solver and was still the most valued employee at the company.  Dane was in a difficult, frustrating position as he began his job search.

We discussed the importance of networking as his primary focus for his job search.  And, we discussed how to maximize his networking skills.  After several weeks of networking and interviewing, he got a great job offer with a property management firm for the position of Director of Capital Expenditures.

With creative negotiating, he took on this new company as a client and moved back up to Executive Sales Manager with his current employer.

How did this happen? And why?  During the reorganization, Dane's current employer was sold to an international company. He liked the new management team and they liked him. The new owners wanted Dane back in Executive Sales Management.  They needed him.  His current employer made him a counter offer. With creative, out-of-the-box negotiating ideas, I suggested he bring this new company on as a client with bonuses and commissions and keep both job opportunities. Dane's current employer worked on an Agreement which allowed him to oversee the property management company as his client and move back up to the Executive Sales Management position. His new client picked up the tab for his car allowance and cell phone expense.  And, my client got the salary increase he always wanted and more! Cool story?  With creative, out-of-the-box thinking, this can happen to you, too!

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From the Job Seeker’s Tool Kit! 5 Interview Statements. True or False?

As a professional resume writer and Executive coach, I write blogs on success stories and tips for job seekers going through career transition on the topics of resumes, the interview, social networking, negotiating and many other subjects to help you through career transition.  Today, I thought it would be fun to do something a bit different.  So, this week we’ll take a quiz to review two of my blog posts written earlier this year on the interview and relevant today. Let's see what you remember.  If you haven't read my former interview posts, let's see how much you know. Let’s have some fun with this. Ready? Here we go...

Below are 5 true or false questions based on two of my popular blog posts titled “Job Interviewing Success! The 7 Critical Rules to Remember” and the “Top Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts for Women and Men to Dress for Success.”

5 Interview Question

 Review the interview statements below. Are they True or False?

 1. It's best to answer all situational questions with one of your accomplishments. Even if it’s unrelated to the job, it’s still one of your accomplishments.

 2. Focus your answers on your skills

 3. Wear conservative or power colors. This shows your confidence to the interviewer.

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Top 12 Resume Writing Myths Exposed! May the Truth be Told! Part-3

Many of you know, as a career book author, professional resume writer and executive coach, I write blogs for the entrepreneur wanting to start a business, business owner's transitioning to the corporate world and job seekers going through career transition. You’ll find my blogs written on the topics of resume writing, interviewing, social networking, negotiating and many other related business subjects to help you through career transition and throughout your career. 

In Part-1 we exposed the first four resume writing myths. These resume writing myths included 1-page versus 2-page resumes, chronological resumes, accomplishments and employment history.

In Part-2 we exposed resume writing myths five through eight. These resume writing myths included your education and GPA, community service and functional resumes.

Today we will expose the final four resume writing myths in this 3-part series. These 12 Resume Writing Myths are all from questions I have been asked about for years and still hear from client job seekers today.

Resume Writing Myths! Part-3

  9. Age 50+ job seekers have to include all their jobs on the resume.

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