Top 12 Resume Writing Myths Exposed! May the Truth be Told! Part-3

Many of you know, as a career book author, professional resume writer and executive coach, I write blogs for the entrepreneur wanting to start a business, business owner's transitioning to the corporate world and job seekers going through career transition. You’ll find my blogs written on the topics of resume writing, interviewing, social networking, negotiating and many other related business subjects to help you through career transition and throughout your career. 

In Part-1 we exposed the first four resume writing myths. These resume writing myths included 1-page versus 2-page resumes, chronological resumes, accomplishments and employment history.

In Part-2 we exposed resume writing myths five through eight. These resume writing myths included your education and GPA, community service and functional resumes.

Today we will expose the final four resume writing myths in this 3-part series. These 12 Resume Writing Myths are all from questions I have been asked about for years and still hear from client job seekers today.

Resume Writing Myths! Part-3

  9. Age 50+ job seekers have to include all their jobs on the resume.

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