Executive Job Search! 6 Great Phone Tips to Reach the Decision Maker!

In addition to writing Executive results-oriented resumes, I coach Executives on how to interview, network and negotiate to get results. Are you in an Executive job search?   If so, I always recommend contacting at least two recruiters specializing in your field and profession.

So, you've contacted two recruiters specializing in your profession. And, you selected companies with direct contact names to start setting up your own informational interviews.  Did you send out your networking brief or resume with a great informational meeting letter? Is it now week two or three of making follow up calls? 

Are you getting only voicemail and thinking, “Doesn’t the Executive answer their phone?”

Does this sound familiar?  If the answer is “yes,” this week’s blog is just for you.

As an Executive Career Coach, I know how difficult it can be to get past voicemail today. When you’re working so hard on your job search campaign and unable to reach the decision maker, it can be frustrating. All the tips below make perfect sense.  You may just need a reminder and/or maybe there's a few tips listed you hadn’t tried yet.  If it is a simple case of the decision maker not getting back to you, I recommend using one tip each week for the difficult to reach decision makers, when you are only getting voicemail. Here they are ...

Tips for the difficult to reach Executive.  If you only get voicemail, do this . . . 

1. Always call 2 hours different each time you call back.  The decision maker you're trying to reach may be in meetings.

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