Great Interview? Top it Off with a Strategic Proposal in the Thank You Letter

Welcome to this week’s Ask Coach Kim’s Blog! – If you're new here, my blog topics are centered around career advice to help job seekers. With 27 years experience as a Career Coach and Resume Writer, this advice will help you or someone you know be successful through career transition.  If you’re on Twitter, please Retweet.  If you’re on Facebook, please Share with your friends or with everyone. If you’re on LinkedIn, please send to your Contacts.  LinkedIn was originally created for job seekers going through career transition.  Topics in my blogs include resume writing, interviewing, social networking, volunteering, public speaking, salary negotiating and managing change. Last week, we discussed Job Interview Success! The 7 Critical Rules to Remember.  These rules give you a framework to help you successfully answer any question the interviewer asks you.


Today's blog focuses on a strategy that positions you as the ideal candidate for the job by writing a proposal to close the deal.  How? By preparing for the interview and asking the interviewer the right questions.  Sounds too simple, doesn’t it? It is. The answers you receive will give you the information you need to turn the employer needs into a proposal.  A proposal of how you can make a positive difference based on the interview.  Sound like a strategic plan for you?  Read on …

When the interviewer asks you “Do you have any questions for me?” Answer “Yes, I have three or yes, I have four.”  Let the interviewer know how many questions you have so they give you the time you need to ask your questions.  After you ask each question, it is important to take notes. Write the key words to the answers the interviewer gives you, in their language.  Below are the strategic questions to ask.

Here’s an example of my experience with a client closing the deal with his proposal.

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Job Interviewing Success! The 7 Critical Rules to Remember

Happy Monday everyone! – So far, this year, we covered topics on resume writing, interviewing, social networking, volunteering, salary negotiating and managing change.  We discussed the 3 things employers look for in the interview, i.e., your experience, motivation and fit.  And, specifically how to answer “Tell me about yourself,” while letting the employer know you have the experience, the motivation. and you're a great fit for the company.  For a refresher of all these details, I recommend reviewing the blog titled "Interviewing Tip #1." We also covered two topics on Dressing for Success to the Job Interview.  Today, we’re going to discuss the basic rules critical for your job interviewing success. These rules will give you a framework to help you successfully answer any question the interviewer asks you.


The 7 Critical Job Interviewing Rules to Remember

1.  Use your Impression Management skills wisely.


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Military to Civilian Job Success!

Welcome to this week’s blog.  As a professional resume writer and career coach, I write blogs for job seekers going through career transition.  You will find my blogs written on the topics of resumes, interviewing, social networking, negotiating and many other subjects related to help you through career transition.  Today I will be touching base on tips for job seekers looking for work after serving in the Military and how to use the skills gained from the Military Service. This blog will include tips on writing the resume, interviewing and networking through informational meetings for Military job seekers. These same rules apply for job seekers making a career change to a different industry.


Today's blog is a true success story about John. When John came home from serving in the Military, he first got a job as a Store Manager for one of the big retail equipment and office supply chain stores.  When I met him, he had recently been fired from that position after two years at the company. John said he was looking for a similar position.  He was concerned because he was fired by a boss who did not like him and this work was all he knew besides his military training. Sound familiar?   Read on …


In my experience, John was positive, a highly skilled store manager and a great employee.  He was very creative, organized and a motivating team leader.  He was always creating efficient ways to save money for the company.  His boss asked him to do something one day that didn’t work out and he became the scapegoat in the situation.  This is why he lost the job. This happens when the leadership is not in alignment with integrity of a true leader. This is an opportunity for John to find the right company focused on Leadership for all employees.

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Interviewing Tip #2

Last week we discussed the 3 things employers look for with Interviewing Tip #1, i.e., your experience, motivation and fit.  For a refresher of all the details, I recommend reviewing Interviewing Tip #1.  Are you ready for Interview Tip #2?  Read on ...



Today, I am going give you a great example of how to answer one of the most tough questions asked to specifically let the employer know “I have the experience.  I have the motivation. And, I am a great fit for the company."


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3 Great Tips to Prepare for Public Speaking!

When I was thinking about what to write to you this week, I thought of one of the most difficult times in my life. A time so difficult, I realized my fear of public speaking changed from a big giant in my life to a tiny, little piece of dust. As a career coach, I am confident this information will be valuable for interviewing, networking and negotiating as well.


Do you have a fear of public speaking? Have you ever wanted to be a trainer, but your fear of public speaking has prevented you from applying for the job? Or, maybe you have a story to tell. A story that will help others, but your fear of public speaking has prevented you from telling your story to groups? Is fear of public speaking your answer to the question Whats your biggest weakness? FYI! Only use this answer, if you dont need it for the job. All these things were ME, many years ago. Can you relate to this today? It could be hard for those who aren't native English speakers to speak publicly, so might look for help from somewhere like Effortless English accent training to help an improve their English.


Did you know that most of us started out with this fear? Well, in 1997, I had just gone through an experience that was bigger than my fear of public speaking I knew my fear of public speaking was about to end in comparison. However, I still needed to prove it to myself. So, this is what I did. I applied for the trainer job I always wanted and created a marketing campaign for my first public speaking engagement. I was ready.

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Job Seeker's Tools! Interviewing? Think Big! Dress for Your Potential!

As many of you know, I write success stories and valuable tips in my weekly blogs to help job seekers through career transition. As a Career Coach, I write professional resumes and coach all levels of professionals with Interview Preparation, Social Networking, Networking and Salary Negotiating.

The first interview success story, I’d like to share with you is from one of my own experiences.  The second interview success story is an experience I observed in one of my workshops, as a facilitator. Sound interesting?  Read on… 

I remember sitting in an office at a call center for about 45 minutes waiting to be interviewed for a trainer position. I had never been in a call center before. I had done all of my interview preparation before attending, so I kind of had an idea of what to expect. I even went as far as looking into employment aptitude testing, just in case they were going to ask me to do some maths questions. Maths isn't my strong point. I did feel over dressed, but I knew I was comfortable, so that's what mattered. I was wearing a mid-length navy blue skirt, white blouse and a matching navy jacket with nylons and 1-inch pump healed shoes. I was wearing the perfect outfit for your typical job interview. Right? Well, in the call center environment most employees were dressed very casual. Let's make this long story short...

I felt so over dressed!  But, guess what happened next. I interviewed and landed the Job!

Tip #1. You cannot be too over dressed.  Ladies and gentlemen, wear a business suit to the job interview.


The second  interview success story is about Joseph. I was facilitating one of my weekly, 40 hour classes to 20 new hire trainees on how to become a Call Center Operator.  This 5-day workshop provided training on the topics of Human Resources, Customer Service, Quality Standards and Internal Software for the call center computer systems.  The new hire trainees were not required to dress up for training classes and I told the class this on the first day.

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Job Seeker's Tool Kit! Negotiating? Be Creative. Think Outside-the-Box

Many of you know, I am an Executive Coach and Professional Resume Writer. I write weekly blog's of success stories and valuable career tips to help professionals with resume writing, interviewing, networking, social networking and negotiating.

This week's blog is one of my favorite negotiating success stories. This is the story of Dane.  Within his 15 years of hard work and dedication, Dane became the #1 Executive Sales Manager at the Corporate Office of a retail chain in the construction Industry. 

After a reorganization and negotiating, he stepped down in salary and position to keep his job. 

Dane had a family to support.  He accepted the position of Sales Representative as he looked for another sales management position.  Now, with lower pay, whenever the executive managers had questions, they came to him.  Afterall, he was the problem solver and was still the most valued employee at the company.  Dane was in a difficult, frustrating position as he began his job search.

We discussed the importance of networking as his primary focus for his job search.  And, we discussed how to maximize his networking skills.  After several weeks of networking and interviewing, he got a great job offer with a property management firm for the position of Director of Capital Expenditures.

With creative negotiating, he took on this new company as a client and moved back up to Executive Sales Manager with his current employer.

How did this happen? And why?  During the reorganization, Dane's current employer was sold to an international company. He liked the new management team and they liked him. The new owners wanted Dane back in Executive Sales Management.  They needed him.  His current employer made him a counter offer. With creative, out-of-the-box negotiating ideas, I suggested he bring this new company on as a client with bonuses and commissions and keep both job opportunities. Dane's current employer worked on an Agreement which allowed him to oversee the property management company as his client and move back up to the Executive Sales Management position. His new client picked up the tab for his car allowance and cell phone expense.  And, my client got the salary increase he always wanted and more! Cool story?  With creative, out-of-the-box thinking, this can happen to you, too!

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From the Job Seeker’s Tool Kit! 5 Interview Statements. True or False?

As a professional resume writer and Executive coach, I write blogs on success stories and tips for job seekers going through career transition on the topics of resumes, the interview, social networking, negotiating and many other subjects to help you through career transition.  Today, I thought it would be fun to do something a bit different.  So, this week we’ll take a quiz to review two of my blog posts written earlier this year on the interview and relevant today. Let's see what you remember.  If you haven't read my former interview posts, let's see how much you know. Let’s have some fun with this. Ready? Here we go...

Below are 5 true or false questions based on two of my popular blog posts titled “Job Interviewing Success! The 7 Critical Rules to Remember” and the “Top Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts for Women and Men to Dress for Success.”

5 Interview Question

 Review the interview statements below. Are they True or False?

 1. It's best to answer all situational questions with one of your accomplishments. Even if it’s unrelated to the job, it’s still one of your accomplishments.

 2. Focus your answers on your skills

 3. Wear conservative or power colors. This shows your confidence to the interviewer.

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