Holiday Job Search and Networking Success

The holiday season is approaching. Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas are just around the corner.  If you think it's time to slow down your job search, think again!

Why? There are two big reasons why you should be prepared for the Holiday Job Search and Networking. The first reason is because most job seekers are taking a break from Holiday Job Search and Networking and there is a lot less competition. The second reason is most companies are hiring through the holidays to ramp up for the first of the year. I have had many clients land interviews and receive job offers in November and December. Holiday Job Search and Networking is a great time for you to connect at party’s and gatherings with friends and family members. 

In this week's blog, I will share with you great tips on how to prepare for your Holiday Job Search and Networking. I will also share with you a couple of great client success stories.

Below are Great Tips for Your Holiday Job Search and Networking Success

Tip#1. Prepare Networking business cards and bring them with you to hand out at the Holiday parties and gatherings. For example, when you're Holiday Job Search and Networking as a sales manager, your networking business card may say “SALES MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL” with your contact information, i.e., phone number(s), email address and LinkedIn URL from your resume. I recommend going to They print many business card styles for free. You only pay for shipping.

Tip#2. Have your 30 second commercial or elevator speech ready to connect to people through the holidays. For Holiday Job Search and Networking, your 30 second commercial will be something like this … “I’m exploring Sales Management job opportunities in the Denver market, however, I’m not just looking for a job, I’m networking, looking for contacts. Do you know anyone in the ABC industry or ABC company? May I use your name?" This way you can call and set up your own informational interviews where you may have a job created for you in the process.

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