50+ Job Seeker’s Tool Kit! Which Resume Format Works Best for You and Why!

 As a professional resume writer and Executive coach, I write blogs for job seekers going through career transition.  You’ll find my blogs written on the topics of resumes, interviewing, social networking, negotiating and many other subjects related to help you through career transition. 

I have been hearing so many stories lately about the functional resume.  Stories that are giving the functional resume a bad rap. I’ve been hearing these stories for years. And, I’ve been writing functional resumes that work great for my clients for 25+ years. So, I would like to educate you on which resume format is best for you and why.  And how to write a functional resume that lands the interview for those that need this resume format.

The best resume format is determined by your future career.

 Not necessarily where you’ve been. But where you are going now. Below is an explanation of the 3 resume formats. 

Here's the 3 resume formats. Which resume format works best for you and why?

1. The chronological resume highlights the progress in your jobs.  This resume format works best for professionals staying in the same profession and moving up in their careers. 

2. The functional resume works best for professionals changing careers or making a lateral change into a different industry or position. It also works well for professionals making a career transition from business owner to a corporate position. 

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