Networking Success! Job Seeker Transitions to New Career!

I had a blast discussing Resume Makeovers Saturday morning on Dream Job Radio, hosted by Daniel and Leah Lakstins. If you missed the show, you can hear it by going to iTunes Resumes Makeovers. Daniel asked great questions and youll hear the answers on how to make your resume pop. In addition to blogging about resume writing, many of you know I write success stories and valuable tips on preparing for the interview, networking, informational interviewing, social networking, salary negotiating, positive thinking, managing change and mastering success, volunteering and public speaking. These are some really great tips to help you in your daily life, I mean I don't think people realise just how important something like networking is though. This is what helps you get the job, so if you are an electrician for example, then you really need to get started on your networking, why not check out something like http://yoursgi.com/electrician-network/ to give you a better idea of what to do next. Todays blog is a story about Ashton who networked his way to a successful career transition. This is quite a story. Interested? Read on


When I met Ashton, he had not utilized networking in his search. He had been downsized already for a year.


Ashton had a family to support and was working nights at UPS. He was a really great guy. I remember how tired he looked as I interviewed him to write his resume. The Nuclear Power Plant where he worked was closing down, so we decided to write a skills-based, functional resume so he could transition into a different industry with more job opportunities. After we finished his resume, I told him I had another client waiting in the lobby and discussed networking with him.


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3 Networking Success Stories of Job Seekers Landing the Job

I've been thinking about what to write to you for this week's blog - resume writing, interviewing, social networking, how to write a business letter, or salary negotiating. Then, I remembered three of my favorite networking success stories I'd like to share with you today.

What is networking? Networking is developing relationships with people. The first step in the networking process is to recognize, its' three-tiered process. It's not just who you know, its who the people you know, knows. I call them angels along the way. Why? Because you may be standing next to someone waiting in line at the grocery store today who could lead you to your next job. Finding that next job in modern times is always difficult but there are endless opportunities nowadays too. Who knows, one of the Franchises for sale online may take your fancy. But if you haven't found your calling online, then every day should be a networking opportunity for you. You know, the check out line you're impatiently waiting, that's taking too long, when you're in a hurry. Sound familiar? Read on ... I would like to suggest to begin thinking "network minded." When you begin thinking "network minded" you'll turn "impatience into an opportunity" and seize the moment in the grocery store example above.


It's true, when one door closes there are new doors opening up for you. And, metaphorically speaking, I would like to help you recognize these opened doors, one-door-at-a-time. Start thinking "network minded" by keeping your eyes, ears and mind open. Like a lot of newly graduated law students for example they find it hard to break into the employment stage of their education to become a lawyer, this is made easier by law firm recruiters like Lawyer Exchange. This is your preparation time for your job search. Be prepared when you are out and about in your daily life to let the people around you know you're networking, not just looking for a job, but looking for contact names. This will open the doors wide. Remember, there are a lot more people with contacts in the workplace than those who may know of an open job. Networking is also about people helping people. Its about being in the right place, at the right time. Its how most of my clients land great jobs, i.e. networking their way through the informational meeting process.


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Age 50+ Business Owner Transitions to Corporate Job through Networking

As many of you know, I write success stories and valuable tips on networking, how to write resumes, prepare for the interviewsalary negotiating, volunteering and public speaking. This is the success story of Cal and how one of his networking contacts led him to his ideal job.


Cal just sold his small trucking business and wasn’t quite sure how to apply networking to his job search. 

He was looking for a Sales Manager position and found his opportunity through networking.  This is what happened.

Cal’s daughter, Annie, was a dental hygienist. She cleaned patient’s teeth while networking for her dad. One day when she was networking with a patient in the dental chair, she discovered he was an acquaintance of one of her dad’s buddies. “Don’t you just love it when the dentist or dental hygienist asks you questions when your mouth is wide open, stuffed with dental tools?”    Would you like to hear more? Read on …

Annie told the patient that her dad was networking looking for networking contacts.  She asked if he knew anyone in the construction industry.  And he did. Cal was very excited about this new networking opportunity.  The following week his networking contact emailed him the contact information. 

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Military to Civilian Job Success!

Welcome to this week’s blog.  As a professional resume writer and career coach, I write blogs for job seekers going through career transition.  You will find my blogs written on the topics of resumes, interviewing, social networking, negotiating and many other subjects related to help you through career transition.  Today I will be touching base on tips for job seekers looking for work after serving in the Military and how to use the skills gained from the Military Service. This blog will include tips on writing the resume, interviewing and networking through informational meetings for Military job seekers. These same rules apply for job seekers making a career change to a different industry.


Today's blog is a true success story about John. When John came home from serving in the Military, he first got a job as a Store Manager for one of the big retail equipment and office supply chain stores.  When I met him, he had recently been fired from that position after two years at the company. John said he was looking for a similar position.  He was concerned because he was fired by a boss who did not like him and this work was all he knew besides his military training. Sound familiar?   Read on …


In my experience, John was positive, a highly skilled store manager and a great employee.  He was very creative, organized and a motivating team leader.  He was always creating efficient ways to save money for the company.  His boss asked him to do something one day that didn’t work out and he became the scapegoat in the situation.  This is why he lost the job. This happens when the leadership is not in alignment with integrity of a true leader. This is an opportunity for John to find the right company focused on Leadership for all employees.

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Two Ways 50+ Job Seekers Landed Great Jobs Volunteering!

I was thinking about what I would like to write to you this week - resume writing, interviewing, social networking or salary negotiating. Then, I read a comment on volunteering as a job seeker on LinkedIn Groups. The group is called JobAngels, a Hiring for Hope program.


I have many success stories of real people going through career transition while volunteering.  I would like to share two of these stories of encouragement with you today. As a job seeker, whether you want to change careers or need help networking, I hope this blog will encourage you to volunteer, network and help others do the same. If while you're volunteering and you need to earn some cash you could look into real work from home jobs some more and see if you can earn money from home. The following are true stories from professionals who were once in the position where many of you are today. Volunteering made a positive change to their lives forever. Are you interested in hearing more? Read on …


Success Story #1

Lucy reached out via email.  Her response back was a job offer.

Lucy was looking for a job due to a company buyout where she worked for 19 years.  She lived in a small town in the Midwest with a population of about 5000 people. Her position was in Human Resources.  I remember, for several weeks, every time I asked her how she was doing with her job search, she would start the conversation with “I live in a small town, I’m 55 years old and there are no jobs here for me.” We had already discussed how to network and contact people she knew to let them know she is available and looking for work. Lucy had only been seeking jobs posted in her local paper and online.  After several weeks, she was finally ready to step out-of-the-box and let others know she was looking for a job. She already had been volunteering 17 years for a local non profit organization.  When she emailed the Assistant Director to ask her to be a reference for her job search, the Assistant Director's response was “I just got promoted to Director. Would you like to have my job as Assistant Director?” Lucy was thrilled. She loved working for this woman and at this time of her life, she was ready to make a career change. She had been preparing for the latter part of her work life all along and didn’t even realize it. She gratefully accepted this paid position. Does this sound familiar to you?  If so, are you ready to take the challenge and start networking to let others you know you’re looking for work?

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Holiday Job Search and Networking Success

The holiday season is approaching. Thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas are just around the corner.  If you think it's time to slow down your job search, think again!

Why? There are two big reasons why you should be prepared for the Holiday Job Search and Networking. The first reason is because most job seekers are taking a break from Holiday Job Search and Networking and there is a lot less competition. The second reason is most companies are hiring through the holidays to ramp up for the first of the year. I have had many clients land interviews and receive job offers in November and December. Holiday Job Search and Networking is a great time for you to connect at party’s and gatherings with friends and family members. 

In this week's blog, I will share with you great tips on how to prepare for your Holiday Job Search and Networking. I will also share with you a couple of great client success stories.

Below are Great Tips for Your Holiday Job Search and Networking Success

Tip#1. Prepare Networking business cards and bring them with you to hand out at the Holiday parties and gatherings. For example, when you're Holiday Job Search and Networking as a sales manager, your networking business card may say “SALES MANAGEMENT PROFESSIONAL” with your contact information, i.e., phone number(s), email address and LinkedIn URL from your resume. I recommend going to Vistaprint.com. They print many business card styles for free. You only pay for shipping.

Tip#2. Have your 30 second commercial or elevator speech ready to connect to people through the holidays. For Holiday Job Search and Networking, your 30 second commercial will be something like this … “I’m exploring Sales Management job opportunities in the Denver market, however, I’m not just looking for a job, I’m networking, looking for contacts. Do you know anyone in the ABC industry or ABC company? May I use your name?" This way you can call and set up your own informational interviews where you may have a job created for you in the process.

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Executive Job Search! 6 Great Phone Tips to Reach the Decision Maker!

In addition to writing Executive results-oriented resumes, I coach Executives on how to interview, network and negotiate to get results. Are you in an Executive job search?   If so, I always recommend contacting at least two recruiters specializing in your field and profession.

So, you've contacted two recruiters specializing in your profession. And, you selected companies with direct contact names to start setting up your own informational interviews.  Did you send out your networking brief or resume with a great informational meeting letter? Is it now week two or three of making follow up calls? 

Are you getting only voicemail and thinking, “Doesn’t the Executive answer their phone?”

Does this sound familiar?  If the answer is “yes,” this week’s blog is just for you.

As an Executive Career Coach, I know how difficult it can be to get past voicemail today. When you’re working so hard on your job search campaign and unable to reach the decision maker, it can be frustrating. All the tips below make perfect sense.  You may just need a reminder and/or maybe there's a few tips listed you hadn’t tried yet.  If it is a simple case of the decision maker not getting back to you, I recommend using one tip each week for the difficult to reach decision makers, when you are only getting voicemail. Here they are ...

Tips for the difficult to reach Executive.  If you only get voicemail, do this . . . 

1. Always call 2 hours different each time you call back.  The decision maker you're trying to reach may be in meetings.

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Executive Job Search Networking! 3 Tips to Land Informational Meetings

As an Executive Coach, I work with Executives through their career transition and beyond. I write professional resumes and coach professionals on how to successfully network, social network, interview, negotiate the salary and/or move up to the next level at the company.  Last week, we discussed how to get past voicemail in order to reach the decision maker when networking and making follow up phone calls. Networking purposely and successfully is the key to reaching your job search goals in today’s job market.  This week, we will continue to focus on “Networking for the Executive job search.”


If you have a mutual networking contact, most of you are aware, the percentage of landing the informational meeting is higher than without a contact. I’d like to share with you 3 tips that will be sure to increase your success to land informational meetings on your follow up phone calls without a networking contact. 

As an Executive Coach, I have listened to many phone calls while clients made their initial calls in my office. Through listening to client phone calls and hearing the decision maker’s needs on the calls …


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Job Seeker's Tool Kit! Negotiating? Be Creative. Think Outside-the-Box

Many of you know, I am an Executive Coach and Professional Resume Writer. I write weekly blog's of success stories and valuable career tips to help professionals with resume writing, interviewing, networking, social networking and negotiating.

This week's blog is one of my favorite negotiating success stories. This is the story of Dane.  Within his 15 years of hard work and dedication, Dane became the #1 Executive Sales Manager at the Corporate Office of a retail chain in the construction Industry. 

After a reorganization and negotiating, he stepped down in salary and position to keep his job. 

Dane had a family to support.  He accepted the position of Sales Representative as he looked for another sales management position.  Now, with lower pay, whenever the executive managers had questions, they came to him.  Afterall, he was the problem solver and was still the most valued employee at the company.  Dane was in a difficult, frustrating position as he began his job search.

We discussed the importance of networking as his primary focus for his job search.  And, we discussed how to maximize his networking skills.  After several weeks of networking and interviewing, he got a great job offer with a property management firm for the position of Director of Capital Expenditures.

With creative negotiating, he took on this new company as a client and moved back up to Executive Sales Manager with his current employer.

How did this happen? And why?  During the reorganization, Dane's current employer was sold to an international company. He liked the new management team and they liked him. The new owners wanted Dane back in Executive Sales Management.  They needed him.  His current employer made him a counter offer. With creative, out-of-the-box negotiating ideas, I suggested he bring this new company on as a client with bonuses and commissions and keep both job opportunities. Dane's current employer worked on an Agreement which allowed him to oversee the property management company as his client and move back up to the Executive Sales Management position. His new client picked up the tab for his car allowance and cell phone expense.  And, my client got the salary increase he always wanted and more! Cool story?  With creative, out-of-the-box thinking, this can happen to you, too!

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Job Seeker's 3 “Must Have” Networking Tips! The 30 Second Commercial

I have had requests for quick tips on networking. Many of you know I am an Executive Career Coach and Professional Resume Writer. You’ll find my blogs written on the topics of resumes, networking, interviewing, social networking, negotiating and many other subjects related to help you through career transition.  Today, I’ll share with you the importance of the 30 Second Commercial and the 3 “Must Have” tips to include in your 30 second commercial.

Why the 30 Second Commercial is important for job seeker's networking!

Your 30 second commercial is often referred to as the “elevator speech.” As a job seeker, you want to be ready, at a moment’s notice, with your “30 Second Commercial” as you run into people in your daily life. I call these people "angels along the way." Why? Because metaphorically speaking, when one door closes, new doors are opening up for you. And, I would like to help you recognize the doors as they open. For example, without being prepared with your 30 Second Commercial, you may never know the person who was standing behind you in line at the grocery store was the one with a contact for your next job. So, it is important to think “Networking minded” by being prepared at all times to let people know you are networking.

In addition to social networking on Facebook and LinkedIn, it is wise for you to be networking with your banker, doctor’s office personnel, veterinarian office, cleaning lady (you don’t know whose houses she's cleaning, now do you?) She could be cleaning a business or house of someone you’d like to work, or knows someone else.) Maybe it’s your neighbor.  Remember, it's not who you know, it's who they know that may lead you to the next great job!

Here are the Top 3 “Must Have” Networking Tips for your 30 Second Commercial.

1. Let the potential networking contact know you’re not just looking for a job.

2. Make it clear to the potential networking contact you are interested in a contact name for a specific company or specific industry.

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