Older Job Seeker? Here's the #1 Resume Writing Tip For You

Whether you are the entrepreneur wanting to start a business, an Older Job Seeker whose a business owner with the desire to transition to the corporate world, or an Older Job Seeker going through career transition, I can help you. You’ll find my blogs written on the topics of resumes, interviewing, social networking, negotiating and many other related business subjects to help you through career transition and throughout your career.

If you are an Older Job Seeker faced with the need to write a resume for the first time in many years, this week's blog is for you. I’ll discuss the #1 Resume Writing Tip for the Older Job Seeker.  Read on …

#1 Resume Writing Tip for the Older Job Seeker

If you are an Older Job Seeker writing a chronological resume, it is recommended to include jobs with your accomplishments and dates going back only 10 to 15 years under the title “Professional Accomplishments.” The reason for this is employers are only interested in what you accomplished in the past 10 to 15 years.

For the Older Job Seeker who held an added value job or company prior to 15 years…

Are you asking yourself, “What if I held a job(s) or worked for a company prior to 15 years that adds value to my resume? Here’s the solution which will save you lots of resume writing time while including the added value you need to show the employer the titles you held and where you worked beyond 15 years.  

At the end of your resume include a section titled “Previous Employment.” In this section you will list on one line your job title, company name, city, and state. Leave the dates out of the “Previous Employment” section, since it is not necessary. Yes, you are an Older Job Seeker, perhaps with 30 years experience, however, remember, the employer is only interested in what you accomplished over the past 10 to 15 years and you already gave this information with the dates in the “Professional Accomplishments” section of your resume.

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