The Leader's Toolbox: Creating an Inner Circle!

Are you in executive leadership? Have you thought about the people in your inner circle? Who are they? What are their characteristics? It's a process to intentionally create your inner circle. You can start where you are right now. Be clear of what you need. Do you need a mentor? You can be good on your own. No one does anything great alone.

Be strategic in creating your inner circle using the following guidelines

  1. Do they have high influence with others?
  2. Do they bring a complimentary gift to the table?
  3. Do they hold a strategic position in your organization?
  4. Do they add value to you and the organization?

Always look for people in your inner circle with competence, character, and chemistry.

Be aware of expectations. Are the people in your inner circle in harmony with your expectations? If so, you'll be inspired. If not, it will be disharmony and will drain you. Below are four pointers to help you stay in harmony with the right people for your inner circle.

  1. Continue to improve your inner circle. Everyone around you needs to be on a journey of growth. If you have an inner circle member who is not improving for the sake of you, your inner circle and your entire team; it's time to make a change.
  2. Be prepared to be an inner circle member for someone else.
  3. Prepare a lesson outline on the following: Being prepared to be an inner circle member for a great leader, so that once asked, you are ready.
  4. Outline why this is good for you and how you will follow the guidelines above.

If you hear others say any of the following statements, this is a good time to lead them to the principal of creating an inner circle:

"I have a good team but there isn't any true sense of ownership," "Why is it that I'm the only one coming up with new ideas?" Or, "I feel like all of the weight of this thing is on me!"

For more tips on executive leadership, resumes, or career coaching for executives, veterans, or military personnel, stay tuned!

By Kim Marino