Top 12 Resume Writing Myths Exposed! May the Truth be Told! Part-1

resumeAs a career book author, professional resume writer and executive coach, I write blogs for the entrepreneur wanting to start a business, business owner's transitioning to the corporate world and job seekers going through career transition. You’ll find my blogs written on the topics of resume writing, interviewing, social networking, negotiating and many other related business subjects to help you through career transition. 

This week is part-1 of a 3-part series.  Each week I will discuss 4 of the top 12 resume writing myths. Myths I have been asked about for years and still hear from client job seekers today.  So here it is. May the truth be told, once and for all.

Top 4 Resume Writing Myths! Part-1

1. The resume should only be 1-page

2. Include all your accomplishments on your resume

3. The resume should always be written in the Chronological Format

4. Include all your jobs on your resume


1. The resume should only be 1-page. Some employers in the publishing or writing profession may request a 1-page resume. However, unless the employer requests a 1-page resume, this is the first of our resume writing myths exposed.

Here are the recommended formatting guidelines. Your resume should be easy for the employer to read. For example, Arial is a good font to use for the resume because the letters are clear and easy to read. The font size should be no smaller that 10.5 point. The margins should be 1-inch side-to-side and no less than ½-inch top and bottom of each page. The best resume for you will include at least one major accomplishment per year going back only 10 to 15 years based on your job or career focus. If your resume demonstrates everything you have to offer the employer, based on the jobs that interest you in 1-page using the above guidelines, a 1-page resume is best for you.

ResumeWhen writing your resume, do not eliminate information pertinent to your marketing brand or career focus. For example, do not make the font too small or the margins too wide in order to keep your resume 1-page. If you need 2-pages to demonstrate everything you have to offer the employer based on the jobs that interest you, then a 2-page resume is probably best for you.

2. Include all your accomplishments on your resume. This is ... well ... yes, you got it, another one of the resume writing myths. Let's expose it right here, right now. Only include accomplishments that add value in order to land the interview for the jobs that interest you. And, remember you only need to go back 10 to 15 years. Why? This is what the employer is looking for on your resume.

3. The resume should always be written in the Chronological Format. This is the third resume writing myth. The chronological resume is best if you're continuing in the same profession and you’re moving up in your career.

However, if you are changing careers or are interested in going back to a profession from many years ago, the chronological resume will not work well for you. In this case, the skills-based resume called the functional resume will work best. For more information on the functional resume, I recommend reading my blog written earlier ths month on functional resumes.

4. Include all your jobs on your resume. This is also one of the resume writing myths.

Let's expose this resume writing myth here and now, shall we? Do not include all your jobs on your resume.

Again, the employer wants to see what you’ve accomplished going back 10 to 15 years. For those of you over 50 years of age and have 30 years experience, I have "good news" for you. It is not necessary to include jobs going back beyond 15 years.

The exception to this is if you think a company or a job title you had more than 15 years ago will add value to your resume today. If this applies to you, I recommend adding a section to the bottom of your resume titled “Previous Employment.” In this section list on one line, your job title, company name, city state.  You do not need to include the dates in this section, since you already listed the dates in the Professional Accomplishment section going back the recommended 10 to 15 years.


I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and found this information helpful to you. If you're an Executive or job seeker with a success story you'd like to share, please email your story to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I'll be happy to write your story and use it to encourage others. 


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