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Last week we exposed the first 4 Resume Writing Myths. This week in Part-2 we will expose Resume Writing Myths # 5 through #8 of this 3-part series.  Again, I am discussing 4 of the top 12 resume writing myths each week. These Resume Writing Myths are from questions I have been asked about for years and still hear from client job seekers today.

Resume Writing Myths! Part-2

5. Always include your GPA.

6. Without a degree, it’s best to leave your Education off the resume.

7. Community Service is not important on your resume.

8. The functional resume does not require an Employment History section


5. Always include your GPA. This is one of the Resume Writing Myths I would like exposed. The truth is “Only add your GPA to the resume if it is a 3.5 or higher. Why? Because some companies require a GPA of a 3.5 or above, most do not.

6. Without a degree, it’s best to leave your Education off the resume. This is another one of the Resume Writing Myths that needs to be exposed, here and now. If you have a degree, include your degree on your resume. If you do not have a degree, include the major, university name, city, state and one-line stating how many years or credits you’ve completed.

For example, (Earned 42 credits towards degree.)

Your resume is the place for you to give yourself full credit, where credit is due.

Resume Writing Myths7. Community Service is not important on your resume. Again, this is one of the Resume Writing Myths. Unless you are in Health Care or in the field of Education or Academia it is not necessary to add your community service or volunteer positions held. However, I find it valuable for most of my clients for two reasons. The first reason is this … If you’re an accountant and volunteer in the role of “Treasurer” this adds value by including additional experience to your resume. The second reason I like to include community service to the resume is it can add character to your resume, your good character.

8. The functional resume does not require an Employment History section. This is absolutely another one of the Resume Writing Myths. I still see functional resumes today without the Employment History.


This is one of the Resume Writing Myths that has given the functional resume a “bad rap”over the years.

It is very important to include all the same sections on the functional resume as necessary on the chronological resume, including the Employment History. Why? Because the Human Resources professionals look for this information on your resume and you will need this information in order to get through the screening process.


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