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In Part-1 we exposed the first four resume writing myths. These resume writing myths included 1-page versus 2-page resumes, chronological resumes, accomplishments and employment history.

In Part-2 we exposed resume writing myths five through eight. These resume writing myths included your education and GPA, community service and functional resumes.

Today we will expose the final four resume writing myths in this 3-part series. These 12 Resume Writing Myths are all from questions I have been asked about for years and still hear from client job seekers today.

Resume Writing Myths! Part-3

  9. Age 50+ job seekers have to include all their jobs on the resume.

10. Create a list of all your accomplishments under Selected Accomplishments on functional resumes.

11. Resumes can be more than 2-pages.

12. Paper doesn’t matter! Afterall, it is the electronic age.


resume writing myths 9. Age 50+ job seekers have to include all their jobs on the resume.  Absolute, not.  This is one of the resume writing myths to be exposed. Employers are looking to see what you accomplished going back 10 to 15 years. For this reason, it is necessary to put the dates on your resume going back up to 15 years in order to get through the Human Resources initial screening process.  It is not recommended to include dates for positions beyond the 15 years.

I cover details of this topic in Part-2 of the 12 Top Resume Writing Myths Exposed!

10. Create a list of all accomplishments under Selected Accomplishments on functional resumes. This is another one of the resume writing myths and one of the reasons your functional resume may not be working for you. A functional resume is a skills-based resume. For this reason, it is important to create two to four skills sub-headings under Selected Accomplishments. Then, rearrange or type your accomplishments under the appropriate skill sub-heading. This is the beauty of the functional resume for those of you making a career change or a lateral change in your career. The resume screener and/or employer can quickly see within the 15 second glance you may be a great candidate for the interview.

11. Resumes can be more than 2-pages.  This is one of the resume writing myths to be exposed. Unless the employer specifically asks for a 1-page resume, your resume should be only 1- or 2-pages. If you have 1-page or 1/2 page of related publications, patents or projects to add to your resume, I recommend creating an "Addendum to Resume" and add this information to the Addendum. This way you will get through the screening process and the employer can see what they want to read first and review the Addendum when they are read to do so.

12. Paper doesn’t matter! Afterall, it is the electronic age. Another one of the resume writing myths to be exposed, here and now. This is true, it certainly is the electronic age. I agree to go green by being environmentally conscientious. However, you will need to bring your resume to the interview. I recommend bringing at least 5 copies of your resume on resume paper to give to each interviewer. A good resume paper is "Linen."  The best color of Linen paper for your resume is brilliant white, ivory or light grey. It's important to make sure the paper you select compliment the words on your resume, not dominant it.


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