The Leader’s Toolkit! How to Raise the Lid on Your Leadership

As a Certified John Maxwell Trainer, Teacher and Coach I work with corporate leaders, sales professionals and business owners to help them develop their leadership and communication skills so they don't struggle or burn themselves out while trying to take their teams, business and personal lives to the next level.

In leadership, whatever your abiity to lead will either be restricted or propelled by your effectiveness.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to"The Law of the Lid"  which is Law #1 from one of John Maxwell's most amazing books titled "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership." Applying the principles from "The Law of the Lid" will help YOU move closer to achieving YOUR goals in 2012. Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership. "The Law of the Lid" determines your effectiveness, your potential.

LeadershipThink about a time in your life when you were stuck and someone or something challenged your leadership and you had to look at your situation differently.

The biggest lid in my life was many years ago when I had a fear of public speaking. What challenged me to overcome this fear was when my son got Ewings Sarcoma Bone Cancer when he was only 7 years old. After one year of helping my son fight cancer, I had a story to tell … a story to help others overcome fears and stay positive during life's most difficult challenges. This experience not only eliminated my fear of public speaking, it launched my career as a trainer, teacher and coach. How? I went through something so much bigger than my fear of public speaking. I went from being shy to being an advocate. And, I was fearless. I knew nothing I could ever go through could be as difficult.

So, my question to you is this … WHAT'S YOUR LID? What's holding you back in your leadership, your dreams, your goals?

And, how do you increase your leadership effectiveness? Whether you're leading a large organization, a team, your business or your own life, we could spend months on this law. Here's a few great tips to begin.

1. Reflect and plan everyday. This will give you insight.

2. Invest in training, as a lifestyle.

3. Reflect on who has been the lid lifter in your life? And, what's their characteristics?

4. For some of you, it will be to make a STOP DOING list.

Think about this … if you want to be a better golfer, golf with better golfers. If you want to be a deeper thinker, meet with deeper thinkers.