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True “Career Transformation” Success Stories by 7 Fabulous Coaches!

Career Transformation CoachingI am so excited to bring to you 7 true stories of “Career Transformation” told by 7 of the greatest coaches you could ever meet.

As part of this team, I've captured these 7 "Career Transformation" stories in 7 individual (5-10) minute interviews.

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The 7 coaches who have shared their true stories are:

1. E.G. Sebastian

2. Dr. Joe Rubino

3. Kim Marino

4. Scott Armstrong

5. Jaden Sterling

6. Catherine Jewell

7. Catherine Howley


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The questions that I have for you are:

· Has fear ever stopped you in your tracks?

· Do you blame yourself for your current career situation?

· Could self sabotage be the cause of your problems?

· Could low self esteem be a contributor to your career struggles?

· Is your career over if you are in your 40’s and have lost your job?

· Do you want to have the job you really love?

· Do you want to get to a point where you feel passionate about your job, so much so that it does not feel like a job anymore?


If the answer to any of the abovementioned question is yes then you want to listen to these #Career Transformation" interviews.

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Here is to your success.

Kim Marino, Business Owner,, Certified Career Coach,
Resume Writer, Certified Life Coach & Leader Development


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The Speaker Toolkit! Find Your Voice!

Speaker, Michael HyattThis Is Exactly How I Grew My Blog To Over 350,000 Readers Each Month… Step-By-Step”

by Speaker, Michael Hyatt

Listen to Speaker, Michael Hyatt on YouTube Now

I love this story by Speaker, Michael Hyatt and you will too! Enjoy! Coach Kim Marino,

How I Accelerated My Public Speaking at Toastmasters!

How I Overcame Fear of Public SpeakingI love Toastmasters.  I joined Toastmasters earlier this year to increase my public speaking skills. I presented three speeches to this group so far.  With over 25 weekly members, the calendar for public speakers fills up quickly. 

Whether you are already a member of Toastmasters, thinking about joining a chapter or simply curious about public speaking, there will be a golden nugget and insight for you as you reflect upon this extraordinary story. This experience happened to me at the previous Toastmasters meeting only a couple weeks ago.  Looking back, I clearly see how it accelerated my awareness of my public speaking potential.

As you read this story, imagine being the character  practicing your public speaking skills. How would you act? how would you feel? What would you think? And, what would you have done?

This is what transpired…


I received an email from my Toastmasters group “Noonshiners.”  They were looking for a volunteer because a slot just opened up for a public speaking engagement the following day.  I’ve been practicing my speech to be presented at the end of September for three weeks now and felt ready to take on this challenge.  So I volunteered and added myself to the Toastmasters calendar.


The next morning I checked my mail 15 minutes before I left the house to go to Toastmasters.  I received a letter from my mortgage company telling me they were going to stop my current pay plan. They said my bank returned their automatic withdrawal.  I don’t know about you, but for me, this was a big fear I needed to take care of as soon as possible. And this fear was a distraction to my public speaking engagement. Can you imagine what may have been going through your mind if this was happening to you?


However, in my mind, not presenting my Toastmasters speech was not an option for me.  So I practiced my public speaking one more time and was off to present my speech titled “Conversations with Doubt and Fear.”


I was number two of three people that signed up for speaking that day. I honestly felt my heart beating out of my chest as a couple of the members shook my hand to thank me for being a brave soul and volunteer at the last minute.  No one could know how nervous I was to present this speech today. But this time, I wasn’t nervous about my speech. My fear was from the letter I received from the mortgage company.  Can you relate to this? 


While I was speaking, I realized how much I was living the “Conversations with Doubt and Fear.” How real it all was as I spoke. I mean, I even had a line in the speech when Doubt and Fear said to me “Kim, your heart is beating so fast, you can’t even hear yourself speak.”  I was so aware of living everything I was speaking about, but it wasn't distracting .  It was almost like I was an observer in my own experience.


At the end of my speech,  everyone clapped their hands as I bowed, shook the Toastmasters hand and walked back to my seat.  I knew I connected well because everyone laughed when I said something funny.  I spoke without my notes, walked around the room with lots of eye contact to my audience of around 30 people.  I did it!


My Evaluator said “Kim you jumped five levels today from your last speech. You came across as genuine, natural, everything flowed, you weren't nervous at allAnd," she said "I learned so much from you. Everything was great. The only critique I even have for you is to pause a few more seconds before you ended the speech with thank you.” I couldn’t believe it. I never even heard a critique that good since I’ve been there.


Looking back, I realized so many things had to come into alignment for this to happen.

1. I volunteered at the last minute to do this speech three weeks earlier than planned.

2. I received a letter 15 minutes before going to present my speech from my mortgage company which drove my entire presentation.

3. I was speaking on the topic of “Doubt and Fear,” which again, accelerated my awareness of my speaking potential. 

Oh, and, by the way, the letter from my mortgage company turned out to be a computer error.

“Wow,” I thought, “how cool is all this.  How many things had to line up in the universe to make all that happen?”  The reason I am writing this to you is this… 

There is a reason to be grateful for everything in life, the good and the bad. 

I am so grateful I volunteered to be the public speaker at Toastmasters that day.  And, I am grateful for receiving the letter that filled me with fear and drove me to accelerate the awareness of my potential as a public speaker!

Here's another life lesson I learned while talking to my mentor. I told her I now have to write another speech as funny and impactful as that one. She said to me, "No Kim, it wasn't the speech, it was you. Whatever you did that day, do that in all your speeches."

As I write this blog, I realized two more nuggets for you as a take away…

1. When you are public speaking, be in the moment, think of a time that will put you in the same situation I was in that day. This is similar to what actors and actresses do when they are performing.

2. Begin practicing positive affirmations. I began practicing positive affirmations for all I want in my life. I started this three weeks prior to this event. One of my affirmations is "I am connecting well to my audience at Toastmasters." Could this also be a reason everything came into alignment?


As a Career Coach, my purpose, vision and goal is writing professional resumes and professional coaching. I am focused on Career Development and Life Coaching – helping you realize your true potential and lift the lid from your limiting beliefs! If you need help in these areas, you're welcome to call me to schedule an initial free consultation at 970-672-8476 or email me at  FYI! My next speech at Toastmasters at the end of September is “How to be Happy,” scientifically speaking.

The Leader’s Toolkit! How to Raise the Lid on Your Leadership

As a Certified John Maxwell Trainer, Teacher and Coach I work with corporate leaders, sales professionals and business owners to help them develop their leadership and communication skills so they don't struggle or burn themselves out while trying to take their teams, business and personal lives to the next level.

In leadership, whatever your abiity to lead will either be restricted or propelled by your effectiveness.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to"The Law of the Lid"  which is Law #1 from one of John Maxwell's most amazing books titled "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership." Applying the principles from "The Law of the Lid" will help YOU move closer to achieving YOUR goals in 2012. Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership. "The Law of the Lid" determines your effectiveness, your potential.

LeadershipThink about a time in your life when you were stuck and someone or something challenged your leadership and you had to look at your situation differently.

The biggest lid in my life was many years ago when I had a fear of public speaking. What challenged me to overcome this fear was when my son got Ewings Sarcoma Bone Cancer when he was only 7 years old. After one year of helping my son fight cancer, I had a story to tell … a story to help others overcome fears and stay positive during life's most difficult challenges. This experience not only eliminated my fear of public speaking, it launched my career as a trainer, teacher and coach. How? I went through something so much bigger than my fear of public speaking. I went from being shy to being an advocate. And, I was fearless. I knew nothing I could ever go through could be as difficult.

So, my question to you is this … WHAT'S YOUR LID? What's holding you back in your leadership, your dreams, your goals?

And, how do you increase your leadership effectiveness? Whether you're leading a large organization, a team, your business or your own life, we could spend months on this law. Here's a few great tips to begin.

1. Reflect and plan everyday. This will give you insight.

2. Invest in training, as a lifestyle.

3. Reflect on who has been the lid lifter in your life? And, what's their characteristics?

4. For some of you, it will be to make a STOP DOING list.

Think about this … if you want to be a better golfer, golf with better golfers. If you want to be a deeper thinker, meet with deeper thinkers.