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3 Great Tips to Prepare for Public Speaking!

When I was thinking about what to write to you this week, I thought of one of the most difficult times in my life. A time so difficult, I realized my fear of public speaking changed from a big giant in my life to a tiny, little piece of dust. As a career coach, I am confident this information will be valuable for interviewing, networking and negotiating as well.

Do you have a fear of public speaking? Have you ever wanted to be a trainer, but your fear of public speaking has prevented you from applying for the job? Or, maybe you have a story to tell. A story that will help others, but your fear of public speaking has prevented you from telling your story to groups? Is fear of public speaking your answer to the question Whats your biggest weakness? FYI! Only use this answer, if you dont need it for the job. All these things were ME, many years ago. Can you relate to this today? It could be hard for those who aren’t native English speakers to speak publicly, so might look for help from somewhere like Effortless English accent training to help an improve their English.

Did you know that most of us started out with this fear? Well, in 1997, I had just gone through an experience that was bigger than my fear of public speaking I knew my fear of public speaking was about to end in comparison. However, I still needed to prove it to myself. So, this is what I did. I applied for the trainer job I always wanted and created a marketing campaign for my first public speaking engagement. I was ready.

The event took place in the caf at a grand opening of one of the local bookstore giants. The media was there along with my friends, business colleagues and people who heard about it throughout the community. One of my friends videotaped my presentation. Something you may want to do in the future. My motivation, at this time of my life, was to tell my story. A story that led me to write the speech for my first public speaking engagement called The Power of Positive Thinking. I was excited. For me this was a huge event because I was conquering a big giant in my life.

This week, I would like to share with you the 3 tools I used when I knew I was ready to conquer this fear, get out there and tell my story. My purpose for utilizing these tools was to reduce my fear of public speaking. Not only did these steps help me prepare for the public speaking engagement, they completely eliminated my fear forever. A fear I had for most of my life…

See below for the 3 Tips to prepare for public speaking …

Tip #1 Write a speech.

Tip #2 Videotape yourself.

Tip #3 Practice, practice, practice.


Tip #1 Write a speech.

In your script, highlight the words you want to emphasize with a highlighter and put dashes in between words where you need to pause. This will help you practice reading your script and learn how to read a script without sounding scripted. A tool for those of you in sales. FYI! These are also great tools for you to use when you practice answering the interviewing question “Tell Me about Yourself” in your initial phone interview, as well.

Tip #2Videotape yourself.

I reserved a room at the local library to videotape myself. Today you can use a webcam. Get dressed up in the outfit you plan to wear to your speaking engagement. Videotaping yourself will help you in many ways. It will give you a tool to polish up and perfect your presentation skills. Which, in turn, will give you the confidence to know, you look just fine. After watching my first videotaping session, I decided to tape myself a second time. Just to make sure I fine-tuned everything. Do what works for you to accomplish your goals. Do it with passion.

Tip #3 Practice, practice, practice

Heres the fun part. LOL! Practice your speech out loud, to yourself, in the mirror, once a day, every day. I started practicing my speech 2 months prior to the event. Remember, use your time wisely and do what you need to do to accomplish your goals.

I promise you, these tips will be great tools to help you prepare for your initial public speaking engagements. If you’re looking for more advice on public speaking, visit this website for some memorable ways you could open your speech or presentation – Do you have a success story youd like to share? Please send me an email of your success stories or how I have helped you through my blog this year on public speaking preparation, interviewing, social networking or resumes.

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3 Social Networking Tips For LinkedIn Groups

Social Media gives you an opportunity to show your accomplishments to the world.  It is one of the most valuable tools to market yourself in today's job market. LinkedIn is one of the most popular Social Media networking websites on the internet today. Why? Here's six reasons: 


Over 140,000 executive level professionals worldwide have their Profiles posted on LinkedIn.  Employers post great jobs on LinkedIn, you may not find anywhere else. You can request your references write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn.  Recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn.  And, having your Profile on LinkedIn let's the employer know you are network savvy and up-to-date with technology.  In fact, as a professional resume writer and career coach, I recommend adding your LinkedIn URL to the header of your resume.  These are just some of the basic reasons why you should have your Profile on LinkedIn. 


Here’s 3 great Social Networking Tips for all levels of professionals including Management and Executive professionals thinking about participating in LinkedIn Groups. 


This is a true story about an Executive client named Brittney.  I was Brittney's Career Coach.  She was in the Financial Services industry.  Here’s a brief overview of the Group Forum she attended. 


Tory Johnson, from "Good Morning America," has a great website on LinkedIn, under Groups, titled “Women for Hire.”  Guess what guys, you can join too!  This site is filled with Executive men and women with 3000 members, one of the highest Group memberships on the site.


Here’s Brittney’s story…

Brittney joined her first LinkedIn Group titled “Women for Hire.”   She met another Executive professional from one of the major financial institutions there.  She was so excited when she told me he connected her to over 50 Executive Management professionals in his network.  He also offered to coach her through the networking process as a courtesy.  He only asked that she write a comment on her LinkedIn profile that he was a great contact.  And he was.  Brittney was happy to help him out.


Brittney said, “Tory also sponsors Job Fairs. She has other round tables for a small fee.”  Brittney is planning to attend the next upcoming round table.


Tip #1.  Join a Group Forum on LinkedIn


Tip #2. Connect with others in the group.  How?  Participate by asking questions and offering other Group Forum professionals your ideas and expertise. 


Tip#3.  Ask other Group Forum professionals for networking contacts.  Offer to write a comment on LinkedIn about how they helped you and what a great contact they were to you.


Groups is the 1st item on the left side when you Join LinkedIn.  You can also Search key word “Groups” to locate others on the site. 


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