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Kim Marino is recognized (from 200 million viewers) for being one of

“The Top 1% Most Viewed Profiles in 2012″ by LinkedIn

Kim has been a huge supporter of NOCOJobsList and we support her, too. I would recommend anyone needing a professional resume or career coaching to Kim. You’ll be in great hands!”

Kris Erlewine, CEO/Founder, NOCOJobsList

“Kim is an accomplished coach and facilitator whose passion for helping others is recognized by her clients. Her expertise ranges from executive coaching to working with individuals with special needs and disabilities. She has strong presentation skills and is adept in classroom and web- based delivery methodologies. Kim is a valued colleague and who I will gladly recommend.”

Lynn Barnhardt, Sr Career Management Consultant, Right Management Consultants, Disability Team Lead, worked with Kim at Right Management Consultants

“Kim is a consummate professional and is able to professionally deliver concise and on-target counsel and advice. She is well-respected by her peers and clients alike.”

Reb Bryant, Consultant, Global Career Management, worked with kim

“I wholeheartedly recommend Kim Marino. I was fortunate enough to work with Kim and take advantage of her expertise in the field of career coach and resume writer. I found her to be dedicated, professional and truly caring about her clients and their success.”

James Chapman,Kim’s client at Global Career Management

“Kim is an outstanding career coach and resume developer. I highly recommend Kim. She is results oriented, bringing detailed knowledge to her work. She offers a high level of expertise, broad network and complete integrity.  David Williams”

David Williams, Kim was David’s Career Coach at Right Management Consultants and

“Kim is very professional and provided me with the correct advice to advance my career. I have secured my dream job and her guidance was right on target.”

Mark Tobey, Kim’s client at Global Career Management

“Kim has been my career coach for 6 years. She is an unbelievably talented coach who is very personable and creative. Kim has advised me on resume writing, the interviewing process, and achieving career growth. From this, I have been very successful in finding fulfilling jobs at excellent companies. I know I can call Kim and she will take the time to talk with me about whatever questions I have. I value her opinion, because with knowledge and experience she can provide me with the tools to succeed in the current business climate.”

Carriann Ashcraft, Kim’s client

“I have hired Kim to re-write my resume, and coach me on job hunting and interviewing. Kim was the most professional and knowledgeable career coach I have met. It is due to her assistance I was able to secure permanent employment in these tough times. I have recommended her to several of my friends who have thanked me for the introduction. Kim was able to assist them also. I highly recommend her services. I have hired her several times and will hire her again without hesitation. Thank you Kim! You are AWESOME!!!!”

Marian Black, Kim’s client

“Kim is a premier Career Coach and Consultant. Her knowledge and expertise in career mapping, resume development and idea generation is unparalled. She is sensitve to individual and unique needs and adapts her work accordingly. An Outstanding professional.”

Karna Schofer, Regional Director, Banner Health, worked with Kim directly

“I have known Kim for more than a year as a career coach. She has been very valuable in providing ideas and resources in assisting in my career planning and transition. She is very professional, responsive and knowledgeable in assisting executives through the process. I would recommend Kim wholeheartedly.”

Rian Gorey, Kim was Rian’s Career Coach at Right Management Consultants

“Kim has been instrumental in assisting me with my new career search. She is very energetic, passionate and is the “best of the best” of what she does for her clients. She is lightening fast at answering questions and matching resources with the needs of her customers. Kim made some great suggestions for both improving my resume and having me maximize utilization of her company resources; networking, strategies and interview skills. I highly recommend Kim to anyone looking for career assistance! I have already had two interviews in the past two weeks due in large part to Kim! Thank you.”

Robert Scotson, Senior Executive II Immunization Specialist-Biologicals, GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, was with another company when working with Kim as his Career Coach at Right Management Consultants

“I have known Kim since she moved to Denver area and since then have worked together in Home-Based at Right Management. She has devoted her career to the field Career Management and is passionate about it. I have trusted her with my clients when I have been away on business, knowing that she would handle them as I would.”

Marti Muller,Career Management Consultant, Right Management, Inc., worked directly with kim

“Kim worked well with me. She not only had great ideas but listened to me and worked with me to get results.”

Dene Merrow, Kim’s client at Global Career Management

“Kim is a dedicated and talented professional who brings total commitment to her clients. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a resume that demonstrates their strengths and accomplishments.”

Debra Vinikour, Career Consultant, Right Management, worked directly with kim

“Kim became my career coach when I was laid off after 28 years with the same company and I didn’t have a clue where to begin to start looking for a new job. Kim gave me the confidence and skills to go forward in my job search by helping me update my resume and gain confidence in interview skills. She suggested search strategies and helped me to evaluate potential options. Kim was a pleasure to work with — I could count on her to be encouraging and informative.”

Betty Acree, Kim was Betty’s Career Coach at Right Management Consultants

“I found myself in need of a resume since my company announced it was closing back in June and I had been with them since 1998 which was the last time I had updated my resume. Kim was very professional, creative and patient. She got it done quickly so I could use it to start my job search. She was also quite personable and I enjoyed working with her. I highly recommend Kim!”

Phyllis Winchester, Kim’s client at

Success Stories

Listen to Kim tell us about one of her many favorite client success stories.

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Kim can help you succeed with your career goals too. Would you like to read more? Read on …

Tammen moved to Colorado from South Africa with her husband and infant son. She came to me because she was having a difficult time finding a job here in the US. She was in the US on a Tourist Visa and needed a Green Card. She had many offers but the Green Card was an issue for a lot of the companies that wanted to hire her. She got a break, when a company said they would have their attorney work with her attorney.  Although, money wasn’t an issue, Human Resources worked closely with her attorney to get her the Green Card and they offered to pay for it, as well.
She contributes her new professional resume, networking, interviewing and coaching to her success. Words on paper cannot do justice for the encouragement she needed and received to keep her staying positive and keep her husband from giving up and making them go back to South Africa. They reached their goal to stay in America. They are both so excited about the opportunities they now have.
Jeff came to me when he got down-sized at his previous job. He got 4 job offers since June, one at $46.5K the 2nd in FL $82.5K + relocation and bonus packages.  The 3rd offer was a company in Denver received the day before we had a coaching meeting to call them about this offer. The hiring company matched ALL the benefits from the best of the others, 4 weeks vacation. Jeff looked for a job for 2 and ½ months on his own with no phone calls with his old resume. Jeff contributes his resume, interviewing skills, networking and especially his negotiating skills to his success while working with Kim Marino. He has never negotiated a day in his life and would not have received the increase in salary he received without Kim’s help. Jeff valued all his coaching each step of the way. He received very positive comments on his resume and interviewing skills. Jeff is so excited to move his wife and 3 young children back home where his family resides with this great job. The company want to move him up the ladder through operations in the next 2 years.
Buddy came to Kim for help when his plant was shut down.  Kim created a marketing plan that repositioned him from the Nuclear Power Plant to an Environmental Consulting position, specializing in Waste Management in the Oil & Gas industry. Kim connected him with another client who had contacts in Oil & Gas who recommended this company to him. Kim actually scheduled back-to-back meetings with the two clients to introduce them to each other.  In Buddy’s meeting we completed his resume.  After Kim’s clients met in Kim’s office, Buddy had 4 interviews with the owners and project managers before his next meeting with Kim the following week. They hired Buddy to be the Client Relations/Project Manager for one of their clients for a 3 month contract making a 50% salary increase. He is very excited as he has been out of work for one year from his field and working evenings before coming to me for help. In January, Buddy got a great full time, permanent position with this oil and gas consulting company.
Lisa was having a difficult time finding work on her own. She had bad experiences with her previous boss, as well. She contributes the whole package to her success; resume, letters, especially the interview training and positive motivational coaching through the process. She got offered $17K more than she was making before and is launching a new career with this job. Lisa is an RN IT/database management professional who was seeking a database management position in healthcare. This position repositioned her into New Product Development, utilizing her RN and database management skills. They created this position for her around her skills. I am so excited for her. When Lisa called me she said, “Kim, what a difference a day makes, I got a great job.”  A year later Lisa called me looking for her replacement.  She got a promotion!
Patrick had a resume created along with coaching meetings on how to maximize his networking skills and negotiate to get the money wanted. His resume and interviewing skills training attributed to his success. It taught him to refocus his skills. A Property Management Corporation offered Patrick a position as Director of Capital Expenditures. The company he was working for was counter offering his offer from another company. I suggested he bring this new company on as a client with bonuses and commissions to keep both opportunities. It worked!
Luke had his own business and wasn’t sure how to conduct his job search after selling his business.  His daughter is a dental hygienist and was cleaning teeth for a patient who was an acquaintance of her dad.  She said her dad was networking and she was helping him.  She asked if he knew anyone in the abc industry and the story goes on and on. He is very excited about accepting this position at a great company. The company will be networking with my client’s contacts because they both used the same vendors for different purposes.

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