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Professional Career Consultation

As a 30-year Veteran in the Outplacement Industry, I Will Help You to …
  • Create a Professional Brand, Resume and Career Marketing Campaign focused on your future career goals.
  • Maximize your interviewing skills focused on the employers needs.
  • Develop your network and social media network building skills as you learn to tap into the unadvertised job market.
  • Increase your negotiating skills and receive OFFERS for the salary you really deserve!
  • Learn effective public speaking skills. Eliminate fears and speak with confidence as you engage your audience!
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Career Consultation Services

Getting Started

Call for your INITIAL FREE phone consultation. Or, email me your request to There’s no forms for you to fill out. Leave it all to me. Career Coaching services are personalized via phone consultation.

Executive/Career Coaching Packages

Each package includes a 1- or 2-page resume, plus weekly career and business coaching available for 3-months or 6-months. Coaching and Consultation includes interview assistance, network building, social networking, salary negotiation and continued support.  See below for details of each career coaching and consulting meeting.  To find out more information, contact Kim at 970-672-8476 or email today!

You may customize your own package from the menu of services available below:

Public Speaking

Feel the fear and do it anyway. In this 1 to 2-hour training, I will teach you how the pros practice speaking. These advanced tips are simple to do. You’ll learn how to speak with poise and confidence by eliminating your fear of public speaking.  With more than 20 speaking tips, you’ll begin speaking with confidence and learn how to engage your audience for your first speaking engagement and beyond!

The Job Search: Network Building

In this 1 to 2-hour career consultation and coaching phone meeting, I will teach you on how to maximize your network building skills, focused on your Career Marketing Campaign. This includes training on the informational meeting process to help you make initial and follow up telephone calls. Handouts include the informational meeting letter and strategically written scripts to make phone calls and questions to ask in the informational meeting.

Is your social media profile(s) aligned with your new Branding and Professional Resume?

Resume/Social Media Complete Package
This is our most popular package and a must for anyone making a change in their career. After I’ve written your resume with your new Branding and fresh new look, we’ll take a look at your social media profiles.

Interview Preparation
This meeting is covered in 3+-hours of training in three phone meetings.

1st interview meeting includes the foundational rules to remember, what to do before, during and after the interview, how to answer that million dollar question “Tell Me About Yourself,” and the 3 key things employers look for in you.  We discuss questions to ask in order to prepare a proposal to send with your thank you letter to close the deal and land the offer.

2nd interview meeting prepares you to answer the 26 toughest questions most asked in the interview with confidence and success.

3rd interview meeting is career coaching critiquing a mock interview based on what you learned in the previous meetings.

Handouts include marketing materials on these topics along with a thank you letter sample and proposal sample to send with your thank you letter based on the interview questions you learn to ask the interviewer.

Salary Negotiation
This 1-hour phone meeting is for professionals needing to learn how to negotiate with confidence and get the offer you want and deserve.  I’ll give you all the tools necessary to give you the confidence and maximize your skills to negotiate a win-win situation.
Handouts include a comprehensive inventory list of negotiable items and a strategically written script for Day-1, i.e., what to say when you receive the offer and Day-2, i.e., what to say to negotiate a win-win situation to get what you want after you receive the offer.

Career and Executive Business Coaching

Are you ready and willing to take the steps necessary to get what you really want in your career? If your answer is YES, call now for your Initial free consultation to see if hiring a professional to help you with career coaching is appropriate for you!!!
The Executive Career and Business Coaching is for the professional who wants on-going career coaching. Each meeting is typically 30 minutes, 45 minutes or 1-hour telephone consultation weekly, bi-weekly or once a month.

Hourly Career Coaching & Consultation

Career consultation, coaching, and resume editing is available. Select from our menu of services to fit your needs. This is typically for professionals needing professional consultation to brush up and maximize interviewing and/or salary negotiating skills; maximize network building skills for the job search or to critique the resume. New to LinkedIn? After your new professional resume is completed, you will be ready to update or create your LinkedIn profile. I can help you!

We honor college students and Military service with a 10% discount.

Corporate Outplacement

All the services above are available to customize a resume only or 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or 1-year Corporate Outplacement coaching package. For questions, give us a call today!


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