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Two Ways 50+ Job Seekers Landed Great Jobs Volunteering!

I was thinking about what I would like to write to you this week – resume writing, interviewing, social networking or salary negotiating. Then, I read a comment on volunteering as a job seeker on LinkedIn Groups. The group is called JobAngels, a Hiring for Hope program.

 Volunteer to land a JOB

I have many success stories of real people going through career transition while volunteering.  I would like to share two of these stories of encouragement with you today. As a job seeker, whether you want to change careers or need help networking, I hope this blog will encourage you to volunteer, network and help others do the same. If while you’re volunteering and you need to earn some cash you could look into real work from home jobs some more and see if you can earn money from home. The following are true stories from professionals who were once in the position where many of you are today. Volunteering made a positive change to their lives forever. Are you interested in hearing more? Read on …


Success Story #1

Lucy reached out via email.  Her response back was a job offer.

Lucy was looking for a job due to a company buyout where she worked for 19 years.  She lived in a small town in the Midwest with a population of about 5000 people. Her position was in Human Resources.  I remember, for several weeks, every time I asked her how she was doing with her job search, she would start the conversation with “I live in a small town, I’m 55 years old and there are no jobs here for me.” We had already discussed how to network and contact people she knew to let them know she is available and looking for work. Lucy had only been seeking jobs posted in her local paper and online.  After several weeks, she was finally ready to step out-of-the-box and let others know she was looking for a job. She already had been volunteering 17 years for a local non profit organization.  When she emailed the Assistant Director to ask her to be a reference for her job search, the Assistant Director’s response was “I just got promoted to Director. Would you like to have my job as Assistant Director?” Lucy was thrilled. She loved working for this woman and at this time of her life, she was ready to make a career change. She had been preparing for the latter part of her work life all along and didn’t even realize it. She gratefully accepted this paid position. Does this sound familiar to you?  If so, are you ready to take the challenge and start networking to let others you know you’re looking for work?


Success Story #2

Mary’s volunteer work revealed her expertise.  She was quickly offered a full-time job with benefits.

Mary was suddenly in a position to look for work after her division was eliminated due to a company reorganization. She worked for a major high tech company as a computer analyst.  She told me this gave her an opportunity to spend more time with her husband.  He was home with health issues and she took care of him.  Mary lived in a small town in New Hampshire and was concerned about health insurance and finding a job in this small town. She said she was ready to make a career change at her age of 50.  We discussed volunteering at the local hospital.  When she interviewed for a volunteer position, they told her the only department that could use help is the executive management team.  So, she volunteered to assist the executive management team.  They never had a volunteer before and were excited to have her.  After her first day volunteering at the hospital, she told me she got an invite to join one of the executives through the LinkedIn Network.  She volunteered there 2 days a week for 5 weeks before they offered her a full time job. Mary always wanted to transition into the health care industry.  And, she really enjoyed working for the executives. She was ready to make this career change.  Mary happily accepted her new position with all the excellent benefits she needed for her and her husband.


If you are a job seeker, I would like to encourage you to check out, and become a member of this very special non profit organization, whose purpose is to help people through career transition. This is where, you too, can make a difference. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and found this information helpful to you. If you have useful tips or stories to share, please email me at


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2011 – Top 3 Steps to Salary Negotiating, Before You Get the Offer

Here are the 3 steps to salary negotiating that will assist you in getting the salary you really want and deserve.

1. Know what you want. 

2. Show your enthusiasm. 

3. Ask for a higher salary than you really want. 


1. Know what you want.  Have all your ducks in a row. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?  Know what you want before you get the offer.  Make a list of what you want, salary, benefits, computer, etc.  Prioritize the items on your list and these become your negotiating tools.


2. Show your enthusiasm.  When you receive an offer, show the employer you are excited about joining their team.  However, ask for 24 to 48 hours to give yourself time to make this important decision.  The employer will understand.  If they want you to make a decision on the spot, you may want to consider if this is a red flag. 


3. Ask for more than you really want.  Never give a dollar number or a salary range that maximizes the amount of money you really want.  Leave room for you and the employer to negotiate to get what you want. 


The 3 Steps to Negotiating are the key ingredients to getting the salary you really want.  However, each professional who utilized the 3 steps listed above and got the offer, had different success stories.  Here is one of my favorite.  Why?  Because so many events took place to make it happen.  And, it could happen to you.  This will help to give you the confidence you'll need to negotiate and focus on the end result.  Getting the salary you deserve.


Success Story

Brie was a Sales Manager making a six-figure income for a high end department store chain.  She was managing a sales team for a customer of a well known designer clothing line when her position was eliminated during a reorganization.  She had 11 direct reports. 


When I first met with her at the end of August 2010, I asked her what was most important to her now.  She said she wanted to spend a month with her 7 year old son before going back to work and she didn’t want to lose her severance package. She was making $145K and her severance package paid her this through November 2010. 

Brie negotiated, got what she wanted and more when she accepted her new position on September 30th 2010.


This is what happened – Another division of the same company offered her a position that paid $115K to $120K as the position only had 3 direct reports.  However, this job would add value to her resume because it offered 3 times more volume with an accessory line with the clothing.  And, they wanted her to start right away.  We met and discussed next steps. 


Brie negotiated up to $125K, then $135K + a $10K sign on bonus.  When I asked her about her severance package.  She told me the manager was still waiting to hear from Human Resources. 


She started September 30th which gave her the one month time with her son.  The employer started her with her severance package at $145K and when it ended she received the sign on-bonus of $10K she negotiated and salary of $135K.  With the additional bonuses she’ll earn each quarter, she did well with her negotiating.


Do you need immediate help with salary negotiating, interviewing or social networking?  Or, maybe you're thinking about hiring a resume writer to help you write your resume.  I can help.  To see more success stories, email me a comment, ask a question or schedule a free initial phone consultation, please give me a call or contact me at


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