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3 Social Networking Tips For LinkedIn Groups

Social Media gives you an opportunity to show your accomplishments to the world.  It is one of the most valuable tools to market yourself in today's job market. LinkedIn is one of the most popular Social Media networking websites on the internet today. Why? Here's six reasons: 


Over 140,000 executive level professionals worldwide have their Profiles posted on LinkedIn.  Employers post great jobs on LinkedIn, you may not find anywhere else. You can request your references write a recommendation for you on LinkedIn.  Recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn.  And, having your Profile on LinkedIn let's the employer know you are network savvy and up-to-date with technology.  In fact, as a professional resume writer and career coach, I recommend adding your LinkedIn URL to the header of your resume.  These are just some of the basic reasons why you should have your Profile on LinkedIn. 


Here’s 3 great Social Networking Tips for all levels of professionals including Management and Executive professionals thinking about participating in LinkedIn Groups. 


This is a true story about an Executive client named Brittney.  I was Brittney's Career Coach.  She was in the Financial Services industry.  Here’s a brief overview of the Group Forum she attended. 


Tory Johnson, from "Good Morning America," has a great website on LinkedIn, under Groups, titled “Women for Hire.”  Guess what guys, you can join too!  This site is filled with Executive men and women with 3000 members, one of the highest Group memberships on the site.


Here’s Brittney’s story…

Brittney joined her first LinkedIn Group titled “Women for Hire.”   She met another Executive professional from one of the major financial institutions there.  She was so excited when she told me he connected her to over 50 Executive Management professionals in his network.  He also offered to coach her through the networking process as a courtesy.  He only asked that she write a comment on her LinkedIn profile that he was a great contact.  And he was.  Brittney was happy to help him out.


Brittney said, “Tory also sponsors Job Fairs. She has other round tables for a small fee.”  Brittney is planning to attend the next upcoming round table.


Tip #1.  Join a Group Forum on LinkedIn


Tip #2. Connect with others in the group.  How?  Participate by asking questions and offering other Group Forum professionals your ideas and expertise. 


Tip#3.  Ask other Group Forum professionals for networking contacts.  Offer to write a comment on LinkedIn about how they helped you and what a great contact they were to you.


Groups is the 1st item on the left side when you Join LinkedIn.  You can also Search key word “Groups” to locate others on the site. 


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For more career tips next week, stay tuned …


Copyright by Kim Marino 2011