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Top 5 “Must Have” Marketing Tips using Twitter for Business!

I love Twitter. Twitter is a great place to connect to people daily. People you may never have a chance to talk to anywhere else in the world. A place where you can give valuable advice and wisdom to those who ask for help. It’s global forum of people where you can connect to colleagues and ask questions.  There are features on Twitter you’ll want to know when you first sign up. You don’t want to miss out on using this fabulous tool to connect to people right away.  So, where do you start? What do you need to know now?  Whether you are a career coach, resume writer, recruiter, LinkedIn specialist, job seeker, mom or in any other profession, below are invaluable tips I discovered and wish I knew when I first got started on Twitter.  Tips to help you connect quickly and maximize your daily use of Twitter right away. Here they are …


1. Build a following by helping Twitter users find you, who want to follow you.

2. Register on Google Alerts to find other bloggers using Twitter.

3. Check your “@Mentions” tab throughout each day.

4. Sign up on

5. Retweet when you find a tweet you like and would interest your followers.


Build a following by helping Twitter users find you, who want to follow you.  How do you find specific Twitter users? You can find specific Twitter users by typing key words in the Research section. This will bring up all timelines with those key words.  For example, if you are a recruiter and you type the key words “looking for job,” you’ll find the professionals writing tweets to the world “I’m looking for a job.”  Okay, you found your tweeters, now what?  Next, reply to 10 or 12 tweets each day with a great tip to help them find a job.  Include a link to your website so they can easily find you, if they choose.  Then click on their link and click to follow each one.  When they see you are following them and you gave them a job search tip, they will want to follow you.  This is one of the ways you can build a following.

Are you wondering why I recommended only 10 or 12 tweets a day when there are more than 50 tweeters right there?  Here’s why.  All your current followers will get each reply you send to your new tweeters. Believe me they will not want their Timeline filled with your 50+ replies of the same job search tip.  I learned this the hard way.  I remember being so proud of myself that first day when I replied to 47 tweeters.  The consequence may be to lose one or two of your followers. Typically your new followers will be forgiving the first time when they realize you’re new.


Include the words #Blogger to your Twitter Profile.  The number sign (#) helps likeminded Tweeters find you. For example, I recently added #Blogger to my Twitter Profile and within 48 hours15 Twitter Followers with Blogs on their websites started following me.  Pretty cool!


Register on Google Alerts to find other bloggers using Twitter.Google Alerts is free and great way to find other websites and articles.  When you register on Google Alerts, you will receive emails with the articles and website of the key words you select.  For example, if you want to find articles about “talent management,” Google Alerts will email these articles to you if you choose these key words.  You can also select your own website as a key word and Google Alerts will email you when your website was mentioned somewhere. Pretty cool tool!

After you receive emails from key words that interest you, read and comment on the blogs in the articles you like and retweet them to Twitter.  This is another way to gain followers that compliment you. 


Check your “@Mentions” tab throughout each day. @Mentions is where Twitter collects tweets with your name mentioned and places them in @Mentions.  For example, anyone who responded with a question or a “thank you” from the 10 to 12 tweets you replied each day will be in @Mentions.  This is the best place to track people responding back to you. Always reply back as soon as possible.


Sign up on is FREE and a great find.  My web marketing colleague, Jan Rossi at told me about this website.  I recommend it for everyone.  It’s a website that shows you all the people who are NOT following you.  After you begin following the 10 to 12 tweeters each day, check back after a few days or a couple weeks to see if they are following you back.  If they are not, unfollow them.  It’s protocol to match within 50% how many people you are following versus the followers you have developed over time.  I recommend following people you’re interested in following and follow all the people who are following you.


Retweet when you find a tweet you like and would interest your followers.  I recommended earlier today to retreat articles from the blogs you find interesting.  I also recommend retweeting any tweets you receive with other links or tweets you find interesting, as well.  Remember this … the tweets you receive are only coming to you, not your followers.  It’s up to you to retweet the information to your followers.  For example, if an event is coming up or information you’d like to share with your followers, retweet the information back to them.


Find companies and colleagues you'd like to get to know and join in conversations.  This is a great way to get to know employees and decision makers and give them a chance to get to know you.  And, a great strategic move for the job seeker.


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