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Top 7 “Must Haves.” Daily Marketing Tips Using Twitter for Business!

Using Twitter for BusinessI love Using Twitter for Business! Twitter is a place where you and I can develop relationships with professionals and consumers worldwide. In Using Twitter for Business, I communicated today with Followers from the USA, Ireland, Kuwait, United Kingdom, Finland and more. Twitter is a positive community of people sharing valuable information, inspiring quotes and stories in 140 characters or less, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is so important that businesses utilise modern techniques that can help them
prosper. Places like Cognillo offer SharePoint services that have become vital to businesses.

In this weeks blog Id like to share with those of you Using Twitter for Business, the Top 7 Must have tips from my Daily Twitter to do list. A list I created, over time, on how to use Twitter in a way that increases and connects to my Followers by consistently adding value to each Follower, every day. Sound like a plan for you? Some of you may be using some of these techniques already. For others, it will be new ideas which will help you increase your following and connect to new Followers. For some, you may think it too time consuming. Especially since these tips will increase your Followers. I take the time and I recommend you do too. Ready? Here it is. If you are struggling with your social media marketing then you could visit Whitehat.

I recommend the following 7 Tips when Using Twitter for Business…

1. Go to their Twitter Profile. Their tweets will come up on the left for you to read. Find 3 or 4 positive, inspiring or informational Tweets you really like and Retweet them.

2. When Using Twitter for Business, go to their website blog, read at least one of their blogs and write a positive comment. If they dont have a blog, find something you like about their website.

Using Twitter for Business3. The Mention icon is where you’ll say thank you for the Follow and mention something you liked about their blog or website. Remember to personalize it with I especially enjoyed the piece about you can also read their Profile to find Hash Tags (#) to add to your thank you with words that add value to your new Follow. When Using Twitter for Business, for example, your new Follow may have the words #Marketing, #Leadership or #Inspiration in their Profile. Include these hash tags to your thank you mention.

4. Follow back if you like their tweets and would like to share their tweets with your Followers when Using Twitter for Business.

5. On #FF (Follow Friday,) pay attention to who your Followers are thanking and the comments they are making. If you click on the Follower’s Twitter user name, their profile will come up on the right of the screen. If you like them, Follow them.

6. When Using Twitter for Business, I recommend joining

Klout is a site you can rate Followers on Twitter and your Followers can rate you, by giving a +K for Job Search, Business, or Leadership, for example. Start giving your Followers a +K rating to increase their ratings which will increase their Followers, too. Do this and you’ll see it come right back to you. Twitter is a community of very cool, intelligent, positive leaders of influence and friendly people.

7. Remember to check your Mentions and Retweets throughout the day. Always send a thank you, remembering to add a Hash tag (#) word of meaning to your Follower when Using Twitter for Business.

I hope you enjoyed todays blog and found this information helpful to you. If so, Retweet to your Followers on Twitter, Share on Facebook and Connect on LinkedIn.

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